Shatashloki 28: Paraśurama loses the combat; Rama arrives in Ayodhya together with Seeta

Rama, the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, calmly he heard all that was said so far.  He replied, “I have heard a lot about you in the past. For no apparent reason you are demeaning and insulting me and are asking me to prove my prowess as though I am timid and incapable to handle the bow. Never mind. See for yourself my power and might”.

Saying so, Rama forcefully seized the bow as well as the arrows from Parashurama. Effortlessly he bent the bow and tied its string. He positioned the arrow in the readied bow and in a firm voice, challenged Paraśurama, “O Bhargava Rama, you are a Brahmin by birth. Moreover, you are a relative of Vishwamitra. Hence I do not seek to destroy you with my arrows. Yet, at the same time, the arrow that has once been fixed to the string has to be released. Hence let me know, what should I destroy? Should I take away the speed of your movement (motility) or shall I eliminate those unparalleled realms of heavens that you have earned due to the power of your penance?  I leave the choice to you”.

At that minute, all the worlds became insentient. Silence prevailed everywhere. In astonishment, the celestials seated in heaven were witnessing the event. Parashurama lost his sheen and his vitality. In fact, he trembled profusely. He politely said, “Rama, it is already getting dark. I have to reach my residence Mahendragiri immediately. Hence do not take away the speed of my movement. If you desire, you can take away all my punya lokas (unparalleled realms of heaven) that I have earned through penance”.

The next second Rama let out his arrow and did so accordingly. Parashurama circumambulated around Rama and left for Mahendragiri.

The darkness disappeared. The surroundings were once again rendered calm and peaceful. The Devatas glorified Rama in many ways.  Rama handed over that bow and arrows to Lord Varuna and paid obeisance to all the great sages there. Everyone was pleased and they praised Rama in many ways.

The marriage party reached Ayodhya. All the citizens welcomed them joyously. There were celebrations in the city. The queen mothers Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra warmly welcomed their daughters-in-law and took them into their respective palaces. In addition, they also gave away many items in charity to the Brahmins.

After some days, Dasharatha called Bharata and said, “Your grandfather wants to see you. Go with your maternal uncle Yudhaajit, who has come to take you. Your grandfather will be pleased”. Bharata took Shatrughna along with him when he left for his grandfather’s house.

Rama and Lakshmana remained in Ayodhya serving their father. In accordance with the wishes of his father, Rama occupied himself in the matters pertaining to the welfare of the kingdom. He redressed the grievances of the citizens.

Rama and Sita were living harmoniously. With Sita by his side, Rama was glowing like Maha Vishnu who glows radiantly when Goddess Lakshmi is by his side.

With this, the Bala Kanda of Ramayana comes to an end.

Om Seeta Ramabhyaam namaha.  Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama

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