Shatashloki 34: The qualities of Seeta, the virtuous, chaste woman.

Brātaram dayito bhrātuḥ saubhrātram-anudarśayan

Rāmasya dayitā bhāryā nityaṃ prānasamāhitā.

Meaning- Rama’s dearest wife, Sita, is his soul mate. She eternally seeks the well-being of her husband. She always acts in accordance with his wishes.

Sita Devi was humble and divine. She loved her husband very dearly. Rama was handsome, loving and charming and she reciprocated with similar loving feelings towards him. Rama was eternally placed within her heart. Hence for Rama, Sita was equivalent of His life force (prana shakti). She was adept in reading the mind of her husband and in acting totally in accordance with it. At all times, she behaved in a manner that suited His mental disposition. She was at par with her husband, in seeking the welfare of those who had sought shelter under her. At all times she desired the welfare of her husband.

This auspicious and chaste lady, Sita, knew no world apart from Rama. Hence, she was ignorant of the happenings within the city of Ayodhya. She was under the impression that the coronation ceremony of her husband Rama would begin shortly. Seeking his welfare, she had performed all the rituals and had undertaken complete fast. With complete faith and dedication, she abided by all the rituals. She worshipped the Gods seeking her husband’s welfare. She recollected the dharmas that her husband, as a king, would have to abide by, once the coronation ceremony was completed. She recollected all her dharmas that she would have to follow as a queen after her husband’s coronation. She arranged all the auspicious materials like sandal paste, akshata (colored rice), flowers among others. She was awaiting the arrival of her husband. All her maids and attendants within her palace were equally happy. There are no words to describe this moment of happiness of Sita. Her maids decorated all the hallways in her palace. Flower garlands adorned the entrance to the palace. Her room was beautifully decorated. They too decked themselves in the finest of ornaments.

Sita, the gentlest woman, never ever spoke in a manner that caused even a slightest pain to the heart of another. She was always humble. Even at times of extreme anger, she could never utter words that caused misfortune to another. All the ladies who were associated with her were akin to her in their traits.

No amount of words can ever justify her greatness. Both Rama and Sita were great exemplary characters. One surpassed the other in the possession of great traits. It is impossible to say who was the superior of the two in this aspect. Hence we think of them simultaneously and say Seeta Ramaabhyaam. They were like Lakshmi –Narayana. Both of them are worthy of dhyana.


Om Seeta Ramabhyaam namaha.

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