Sri Guru Gita – 14 March 2014 – Episode 84

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    • Archana Penukonda on January 23, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    Jaya Guru Datta. English summary:

    Jaya Guru Datta.

    In the previous sloka, it was said that one who is worshiping and the one who is worshiped are both the Guru. It’s true. Only the Guru has the power to worship the great Gods. The Guru also has the power to assume the divine form of God and be worshiped. We don’t have enough power to worship. They talk again about the oneness of the Guru and the disciple, the oneness of the Guru and Lord Shiva and that this is what is the final attainment in worshiping the Guru. That means, the disciple worshiping the Guru will become like the Guru himself, he’ll become Shiva. That’s why, here, talking about the Guru-disciple relationship with reference to an outstanding disciple is the same as talking about the Guru-Shiva relationship. They are talking about the final attainment in worshiping the Guru.

    Yasyanugraha matrena hrdyutpadyeta tatksanat |
    Jnanam ca paramanandah sadgurussiva eva sah ||

    Siva is that Sadguru by whose grace the disciple sees the light of knowledge and bliss is kindled at once in his heart.

    In this sloka, they are subtly teaching us the principle by which to identify a Guru. By the Guru’s grace, the heart is immediately filled with knowledge and bliss. That means divine knowledge will shine like lighting in our hearts just by the Guru’s glance, by his touch or by his will. That is why, even though the knowledge may not be fully grasped by the intellect, it causes inexplicable joy in the heart. If we learn a little more about the churning of the ocean (Amruta mathanam), we will learn about the extreme compassion of the Guru.

    Guru is an epitome of patience and sacrifice. That is why, Lord Kurma (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as tortoise) was worshiped as Guru. During the churning of the ocean, he treated all his children – Gods and Demons equally. To keep all his children happy, he bore the massive weight of Mandara mountain on his back. He took on a lot of pain in that incarnation. Taking on various forms, he appeared as divine supporting implements used by the Gods and the Demons in churning the ocean. He taught them that during sadhana, one should not give in to any illusion or develop affection. The Gods followed this instruction and attained a desire-less state. The Demons didn’t follow this instruction and were filled with desires. Those with desire will never get the nectar. Only those without desire get it. By the grace of Lord Kurma, only the Gods that gave up desires received the divine gifts. They even got the nectar. Those who place their faith in Guru Kurma will be blessed greatly. The Gods were strengthened with just the Guru’s glance. They became prosperous. But, the Demons, not heeding the Guru’s advice became weak and were punished appropriately.

    Jaya Guru Datta.

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