Sri Guru Gita – 16 May 2014 – Episode 145

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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Pujya Appaji_/\_!!

    Happy Sukravara Pranams at the Lotus feet of Our Sri Saccidananda Sadgurudeva_/\_!!

  2. Jaya Guru Datta Sri SWamiji!!_/\_!!

    • Rama Krishna Reddy on May 21, 2014 at 11:03 am

    Jaya Guru Datta! Harih Om Tatsat || Om Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Datta Sadgurubhyo Namo Namah || Om Dram Dattatreya Parabrahmane Namo Namah || Shivaya Gurave Namah || Thanks for the Divine teachings of Atma Vidya,with reference to Guru Upadesa and TAT-VAM-ASI and blessed Divine Darshana.Sri Guru Datta.

    • Archana Penukonda on January 31, 2016 at 12:36 am

    Jaya Guru Datta. English summary:

    Jaya Datta.
    Since the name “Guru Gita” denotes a feminine sound, since it denotes the sound of Mother Goddess, it tells us that this scripture is verily the form of the Divine Mother. What is presented in this scripture is the Principle of Siva, i.e., the Supreme Truth. This scripture that presented this highest truth is the form of Divine Mother, or in other words, the form of Nature. That is the uniqueness of this scripture. There’s another unique feature in this scripture. Even though Siva addressed this initiation to Parvati, it is in reality meant for all the sages and saints around them. In other words, it is the initiation meant for all beings like us that are tied down (in illusion). That means, Siva alone is the Guru to all of us.

    When it comes to the Principle of Truth, the relationship between the Guru and the disciple is very unique. A teacher of a certain science or a certain skill will teach lessons gradually and progressively. The disciple will slowly understand what’s being taught. When the teaching is complete, the disciple will present everything he knows to his teacher. But, since everything the disciple knows has come from the teacher, the teacher’s knowledge and greatness remain in tact. That means, even though education is complete, the Guru continues to be the Guru and the disciple continues to be the disciple. It is wrong to think, “What is left after I learned everything from the Guru? My Guru has nothing else left, he poured all his powers in to me. He has no strength left to talk or to walk. He sits in a corner, because he has given away all his energy”. The sound of the Guru, the Principle of the Guru, the power of the Guru are limitless.

    Remember that regardless of how much knowledge he passed on to you, regardless of how much education we’ve received from him as disciples, the Guru always shines with that same power. You should not assume, “SadaSiva described everything to Mother Goddess, now SadaSiva has no power left, instead, the Divine Mother is filled with all that power”. The power fills the Divine Mother, i.e., it fills the disciples. That energy comes from the infinite source in Lord Shiva, who is the Guru. It never changes, it never gets diminished. You should remember that nothing can change that energy.

    Even though education is complete, the Guru continues to be the Guru and the disciple continues to be the disciple. Lord Siva is the eternal Guru and the Divine Mother is the eternal disciple.

    Let’s look at this from the perspective of the Principle of Truth. A person sought refuge at a Guru for self-realization. The Guru still did not give him initiation. So, the Guru was still not a Guru and the disciple was still not a disciple. Self-realization is not the kind of knowledge that you can give by teaching small individual lessons. Finally, one day, the Guru gave initiation to the disciple. What did he say? He said “Tat Tvam Asi” (You are that). He said that both have become one. Tat Tvam Asi. When both become one, where is the Guru and where is the disciple? They have become one. That was the reason why, in the first place, the Guru did not become the Guru and the disciple did not become a disciple.
    As long as the initiation was not given, the two remained separate. Therefore, the Guru-disciple relationship between the two was not established. After the initiation, because the two became one, there is no possibility of a Guru-disciple relationship. In that case, we may wonder what the point of Guru Gita is. Still, there is a Guru-disciple relationship. Let’s see how.

    Jaya Guru Datta.

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