Guru Gita: 1- Introduction


Śri Ganeśāya namaḥ

Śri saraswatye namaḥ

Śri Pādavallabha Nṛsimha Saraswati

Śri Guru Dattatreyaya namaḥ


Gurave sarva lokānāṃ bhishaje  bhava rogināṃ

Nidhaye sarva vidyānāṃ Dakshinamurthaye nama

Just as parents are very important in life, Guru is also equally important. For achieving completeness, for ensuring that the journey of life is smooth without any hurdles and to ensure that the goal of life is attained, the help of a Guru is very critical. Guru ensures that we obtain the required respect from the society and also that we obtain the needed fame. He ensures that the person treads the righteous path and becomes charitable by nature..

A few people who obtain great success attribute it to their own strengths and greatness and hence do not see the necessity of having a Guru in life. It is very essential for such persons to realize an important fact- that the Guru is seated within them in the form of the Self has guided them with needed self-confidence. He made sure that they got the desired results.

Ishwaro Guru atmeti- means that Ishwara (God), Guru and Self (atma) are one and the same. Through the form of the Self it is Guru who ensures their success. Therefore, if such persons analyze their victories deeply, they will be blessed with the darshan of their Guru.

Guru is the doctor for the mind. He strives relentlessly for upliftment of his devotee. For parents, love and affection come in the way. For relatives and friends, ego and love come in the way. The Guru however does not hesitate even a little in striving to uplift his devotee. He converts him into an excellent spiritual aspirant and a exceptional servant who offers good services to society. He transforms the devotee into such an exalted personality that the mother earth and the physical mother attain salvation. Such is the essence of the Guru.

Such a sacred Guru Geeta was preached by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati. In doing so, He actually benefited the entire world. In Mysore Datta peetham, Guru Geeta parayana takes place daily. Swamiji has explained the inner significant meanings of Guru Gita many times in the past.

Guru Gita benefits many generations. It pertains to all time periods. Therefore let us now strive to understand Guru Gita.

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