Guru Gita 3: Without Sadguru, a person cannot obtain vision of the Pure Illumination

Even those who have mastered the greatest spiritual scriptures fail to understand the real meaning contained in the word ‘Guru’. There is nothing astonishing in this! Even the Supreme Mother Parvati failed to understand the significance contained in this word. Who then can impart this sacred knowledge in this aspect? The Supreme Lord Shiva alone had to preach to Her. This sacred teaching is Guru Gita.

Listening to the past events, pondering over the past historical details and thereby considering himself to be all-knowing is one of the qualities displayed by every human being. Yet, at every minute, the drive to acquire more knowledge, keeps him on his toes. Despite claiming to know a lot, he endlessly searches for more knowledge. This is no new phenomena, but has been going on since time immemorial. The thirst to acquire more knowledge puts him through great turmoil. At no point can a person declare that there is nothing more to be learnt!

Science has advanced a great deal; technology has made advancements by leaps, yet without stopping with this knowledge, the human being relentlessly continues to discover something or the other. He is trying to find out new galaxies, stars and so on. Thus, the need for learning and knowing more is one need that does not get fulfilled. This discontent can never be satiated.

He who fulfills this need to know everything, who shows us the ultimate light that never fades, who shows that supreme illumination which fails to distinguish between within and outside, and who shows that illumination which takes a person beyond the limitations of birth and death, is Guru!

When our luck has ripened and He accepts us as his disciples, then to us He becomes a Sadguru. We may consider him as our Guru, but shouldn’t he accept us as his disciple? So, it is good if ‘He accepts us’.

Guru can show us that path and takes us to those heights, which, even though we possess mastery in worldly knowledge, we cannot reach. For this reason, the person who does not have a spiritual Guru cannot fulfill the 3 basic desires explained earlier nor can he have the vision of that pure illumination.

Therefore, in the life of a human being, the entering of a Sadguru is a matter of supreme luck! It is the fruit of the various meritorious deeds (punya) of many births.

All those who believe in the existence of the mystical energy and knowledge that is far superior to human level are always in search of it. Such persons try to tap this supernatural power through various means such as japa, tapa, bhakti, jnana etc.

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