Gurugita 6: To understand this subject absolute dedication and deep interest are pre-requisites

In his Puranas, Maharishi Vedavyasa preached Datta Sadguru principle and in His Skanda Purana, he conveyed this concept of Guru as a conversation between Shiva and Parvati. After Vyasa, Adi Shankara bhagavadpāda preached in great detail the essence of Guru in various occasions.

We have understood that walking on the path of Guru is the only way to fulfill all the three types of desires discussed in the earlier episodes. From this it also becomes clear that the path of Guru is no simple path. In fact, it is a very difficult path. To those who abide by it in totality, it is a very easy path. To those who comply with it partially, it appears like a very difficult path.

How to obtain a Guru? How to worship him? How to love him? All these require a lot of disciplines, dedication, faith and hard work. When we begin to study any new subject, we should draw a chart to understand the various steps in it. In the same way, Guru Geeta explains all these steps.

This subject can be understood only by those who are alert and who possess total dedication every second. To obtain Guru’s grace absolute dedication is a must! 

Shraddha here means intense interest and firm dedication in abiding by the statements in it. It could be in studying the subject, in following the practices, in the method of conducting worship, such dedication should exist. True result can be attained only when this dedication exists in the task taken up. Eg. a nurse job can be done successfully only if the nurse is dedicated towards her job, not lazy, and is alert every moment. Such dedicated nurses are comparable to Gods. Very few have dedication towards serving others. Many could despise such jobs, or be lazy towards completion of such tasks.

In this Gurugita, the Lord Shiva has preached in great detail, the entire essence of Guru principle. First step is selection of Guru.


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