Sri Guru Gita – 24 March 2014 – Episode 94

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  1. Jaya Guru Datta Sri Appaji _/\_!!

    Happy Somavara prostrations at the Lotus feet of Our Shivaswaroopa Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

    • Archana Penukonda on March 24, 2014 at 10:20 am

    Jaya Guru Datta. English summary:

    We were talking about our happiness and sorrows. We discussed that sometimes, a person may be suddenly excited, enthused and happy. Instead of just searching for the reasons by assuming there’s always a reason for happiness or sorrow, let’s talk about what needs to be done once we find out the reasons for our happiness or sorrow. If you ask the person who is suddenly happy, “What is the reason you are so happy? Did you win a lottery?” he may reply saying, “No, I haven’t, I didn’t win a lottery, nor did I gain any agricultural land, nor did my son pass his grade, nor did my son get his visa…nothing has happened”. “Then, why are you so happy?” He has no idea why, he has no answer. “I don’t know why I’m happy. Let me know whatever you want. I’ll give you”.

    Similarly, sometimes, sorrow envelops the mind for no apparent reason. Just as someone is happy for no apparent reason, someone may be sad for no reason. He may suddenly sit in a corner by himself, overcome with sorrow, glancing around insecurely, biting his nails, or writing in sand. All of a sudden, he’s drowned in sorrow, crying, sometimes breaking his head. He’s not insane, but he’s overcome with sorrow for no reason. “Did you hear of someone passing away?”. “No”. “Was your house burgled?” “No”. “Did someone steal your wallet?” “No”. “Did you miss getting a ticket to the movies”. “No”. Sometimes, people are overcome with sorrow for no reason. Just as people are sometimes overcome with happiness for no reason, they may be overcome with sorrow for no reason. The person is sad, but he doesn’t know why. Just as it was impossible to explain the reason for one person’s happiness, it is impossible to explain the reason for another person’s sorrow.

    Then, why should one feel happiness or sorrow without a reason? There has to be a reason. That is what they refer to as the samskaras (impressions) carried over from past births.
    The man who is crying is sad, but he has no pain, no reason for his sorrow. No one insulted him. That is because, these samskaras, unbeknownst to us, are carried over from past births. Here, there’s another question that comes up. Why did God keep us ignorant of our samskaras. One may say, “It’s my fate, my samskaras. I am happy or sad owing to my samskara”. So, why couldn’t God give us knowledge of our past samskaras, why couldn’t he have forewarned us of these samskaras? That is not possible.

    God kept us ignorant of our past births out of compassion for us. If we had that knowledge of past births, we would have unbearable sorrow, realizing that the dogs, pigs and donkeys on the street were our relatives from a past birth. Let’s see what happens ahead.
    Jaya Guru Datta.

    • Rama Krishna Reddy on March 24, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Jaya Guru Datta! Harih Om Tatsat|| Sri Guru Datta.

  2. Jaya guru datta Puttuji.
    Pranams to lotus feet of Pujya sadgurudeva!! Harihi om tatsat.

    • V.Devendranath choudary on March 26, 2014 at 10:09 am

    Jaya Guru Datta Datta Prabhu – “Sri Guru Gita” Episode No. 94 – 24.3.14 – Sri Sadgurubhyoo Namah – Sri Raama Jaya Raama Jaya Jaya Raama – Om Namo Hanumatee Namaha – Sri Guru Datta.

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