Gurugita 10: Even after obtaining a Sadguru, the person should continue to work relentlessly in that direction

Om sadgurubho namah


Just because it is said that Guru himself will come to us, can we sit back relaxedly without putting in any efforts? This could be a doubt entertained by many.  This again is incorrect.

This is because, for the well-being of his trillions of his devotees, the primordial Guru, who is an ocean of compassion, accepts innumerable forms. However, not every form is suitable for you. Further, unless and until you attain the eligibility to obtain Him, the Sadguru, who is within your vicinity, in a form that is suited for your upliftment, will not make himself visible to you.

Knowledge (Jnana) in us is visible only when we attain the eligibility. i.e. when all the evil is destroyed.

The person who is desperate to get a Guru will search for the Guru with full zeal. Even if he is asked to sit and wait, he cannot do so. He will keep relentlessly searching for a Guru. 

To search thus is your duty. Searching thus is an indication of your having attained eligibility. When this worthiness is reached, your Guru will appear before you in a form, which as explained earlier, gives you total peace of mind. Until then He will not appear.

First and foremost, mental calmness is needed. Total dedication, purity and devotion are essential pre-requisites from your side.

Guru, who could be within our vicinity, will make himself visible to us when this worthiness appears in us.

‘Ok. Now that we have found a Sadguru, He will take over our complete responsibility’. If you have been thinking in this line, then you are in for a very bad fall. Upon seeing the Sadguru there are many who say, “I give up everything from now on. You take over all my responsibilities. You get my daughter married.” This is a type of laziness.

No doubt you have climbed one great milestone in your life, but you are still only on the parapet wall of the building. From here it is easy to fall off. Your intense burning desire to get a Guru and your efforts in that direction have paid off.

Due to this, upon seeing the Guru you mind gets great relief. The ‘thought process’ has attained some rest. The senses have achieved courage and confidence. As a result, the mind has lost the fear. 

When the mind loses fear, the control it exercised over the senses may now loosen due to which the many desires that were subdued for long, may now awaken in the individual. Relaxing or loosing the grip over the senses will push us back into the web of material desires.

‘Once we have procured a Sadguru, why should we work hard? What is the need for stringent efforts? We can live as we please. We can eat as we please. There is no need for strict disciplines and worship. We can enjoy life’. When one thinks in this manner, problems begin. Only when the same efforts and the same dedication that were put in to attain a Guru are relentlessly continued, the end result will be fruitful. In its absence, it will be a waste.

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