Sri Guru Gita – 4 April 2014 – Episode 104

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    • Archana on April 13, 2014 at 1:03 am

    Jaya Guru Datta. English summary:

    Jaya Guru Datta.

    We discussed so far that there are two kinds of hearts. One is the Guru heart, and the other is the human heart. The elders also refer to them as the spiritual heart and the material heart. The spiritual heart is on the right side of the body, while the material heart is on the left. The heart on the right has no bones or flesh. That is why it is spiritual heart. It is just ether, it has nothing, filled with emptiness. These hearts are in the form of lotuses. The Guru makes these hearts bloom. The Guru is himself the sun and the knowledge that comes from him is his light. However, unlike regular sunlight that diminishes at the end of each day due to which the blossoming lotus fades and closes each day, the light from the Guru is eternal. The lotus that blooms due to this light never fades or shrivels.

    The Guru is the sun that makes the hearts of the disciples blossom. He is the embodiment of knowledge and auspiciousness. Obeisance to such a Guru. We should always offer salutations to such a Guru.

    Upayopeya rupaya sadupaya pradarsine |
    Anirvacyaya vacyaya sivaya gurave namah ||

    Obeisance to Guru who is the idea and also the desired objective of that idea, who gives good thoughts and ideas to his disciples and who is beyond description, who deserves all praise, and who is Siva himself.

    Karya karana rupaya rupa rupaya te sada |
    Apramye svarupaya sivaya gurave namah ||

    Obeisance to Guru who is the cause and the effect, who is of attributes and who has no attributes at all, whose form cannot be imagined and who is Siva himself.

    Datta Sadguru is filled with an abundance of these qualities. So, let’s learn of a few miracles that Datta Sadguru showed in this aspect.

    Lord Datta’s magnanimity in uplifting disciples is unparalleled. Like sunlight, the Lord’s grace completely submerges the disciple. But, his ways of testing his disciples are very unique. He has a new tests each day. His tests are beyond imagination of people, beyond imagination of even Nature. In some instances, they may be delightful, in others there may be deep spiritual secrets embedded. In some stories, the ones that are visible to us, people wonder why he behaves strangely. Take Swamiji for instance. So many people make fun of him behind his back saying, “He has nothing better to do, he is crazy” . Some others say he’s doing it for humor, to make people laugh. But, a real devotee who can sit steadily and think carefully about the actions of the Guru can understand the great spiritual significance in those actions.
    Jaya Guru Datta.

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