Sri Guru Gita – 9 April 2014 – Episode 108

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    • Archana on April 13, 2014 at 1:00 am

    Jaya Guru Datta. English summary:

    Jaya Guru Datta.
    Pingala Naga approached Datta Swamy and prostrated to him. He placed his doubts in front of the Lord thus: “Swamy, the Vedas have established four varnas (classes) and 4 ashramas (stages) in man’s life. All the saints here are following that Dharmic order. But, you are defying that Dharma”. There were many saints there and they were all listening to this conversation.
    He continued to pray to the Lord, “Yet, the saints here are praising your greatly and worshiping you. I am unable to grasp the subtle aspects of Dharma in this. I came here to learn about Lord Siva. But, the situation here created more doubts in my head. Kindly clear my doubts”.

    Strangely, Lord Datta did not put Pingala Naga to any tests. Pingalga Naga suspected he would be subject to tests, because the Lord always puts people to tests before he answers their questions. But Lord Datta did not put him to any tests. Lovingly, he addressed him as “Pingala” and continued to explain his own quality. Really, who else can explain the principle of Datta? Just as Lord Rama proudly introduced himself as the loving son of the great King Dasaratha and narrated his life story to Hanuman, Lord Datta himself explained the principle of Dharma. He was adhering to Dharma so strictly. He revealed his quality thus: “Whatever you said is true, whatever you felt, whatever you said and whatever you asked, is true. Vedas are the means of knowledge for everything. That is certain. Mine is the fifth ashrama (stage of life). To be in this fifth ashrama, once has to gain victory over the six vices, go beyond dualities and should see himself in all living beings. Those who do not understand this, and criticise with their half baked knowledge, will be subject to hell. They will be subject to hell even if they criticize without realizing what they are doing, so you can imagine the outcome if they criticize knowing fully well what they are doing. If those in this ashram act out of line, they will be subject to hell. I stand in the fire pit and at the same time, touch the core of the sun with my hand. All these saints know this very well. Pingala Naga, I act like this for the sake of devotees. You should follow Dharma. You will understand this fifth ashrama well. Dharma is the foundation and is beyond all the ashramas. You should adhere to Dharma”.

    The Lord’s grace flowed generously to Pingala Naga. Pingala Naga understood the principle of Lord Datta. He said, ”Lord, you are Siva, you are my only refuge. Please keep me in your belly and protect me”. Immediately, Datta Swamy turned into Lord Siva.
    Jaya Guru Datta.

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