Episode 19: Maharishi Narada preaches the consequences of frutitive actions

Nārada continued, “O Vyasa, as it is human beings are inclined towards materialistic comforts. You have taught them about frutitive actions so far. These ignorant persons, believing your words, consider only frutitive actions (actions done with expectation of some results) as dharma and hold on tightly to them. As a result of holding on to these frutitive actions they are unable to give up differentiation and accept with the right perspective, the Vedic statements that speak about liberation. This is not correct.

‘Performing frutitive actions (actions expecting some result) is most important. Such actions themselves lead towards liberation’ they wrongly believe. They consider that by performing pious deeds they get double benefits i.e. while on earth they can enjoy a happy comfortable life and at the same time, enjoy all comforts of heaven when they reach there. They believe that this is the ultimate state. Hence they are not at all inclined towards attaining Self-realization and walking on that path towards liberation (moksha).

Only a well-learned person who has totally given up frutitive actions, and who has absolute dedication towards knowledge can understand the blissful state of that omniscient, omnipresent Supreme Lord. How can ordinary persons reach such a state which is within reach of only a well-learned pundit?

Therefore O great saint! Please teach the specialities of the Lord for the benefit of those human beings who are attached to this body, to this materialistic world and who are caught in these trigunas (three attributes).

Tyaktvā sva-dharmaṁ caraṇāmbujaṁ harer

bhajann apakvo ‘tha patet tato yadi

Yatra kva vābhadram abhūd amuṣya ki

ko vārtha āpto ‘bhajatāṁ sva-dharmataḥ

The person who has given up his swadharma (his dharmic duties) to serve the lotus feet of Lord Srihari can never obtain inauspiciousness, even if he slips from the path or dies before attaining completeness in devotion. However even if a person strictly adheres to his stipulated duties (swadharma), but lacks devotion towards Srihari, his adherence to swadharma can never yield auspicious results in this birth, in heaven or in the next.

Therefore an intelligent and wise person should strive only to serve the lotus feet of the Lord! Those persons who are trapped in completing frutitive actions and reaping the fruits which arise from those actions can never reach the abode of Srihari!

 As a result of their meritorious deeds on earth they reach heaven and enjoy the comforts there. Upon exhaustion of this balance they come down to earth and once again perform deeds so that they can attain heaven. They are trapped in this cycle. 

Performing any number of highly valued meritorious deeds, conducting supreme Yagnas, attaining expertise in various fields of knowledge, authoring crores of books or any other achievements is a waste if devotion towards the Supreme is missing”.

Swamiji explains: You are a learned pundit; you have authored many valuable books; your name will remain on earth forever, all these achievements are your own and are valuable only if you have devotion to the Supreme Lord! They will trap you in the cycle of re-births if devotion (bhakti) is missing. The same actions when performed with devotion to Lord Hari shower good results in this plane, in the next plane and also in the subsequent birth!

“Due to the influence of time which moves at speeds that are beyond the capacity of the intellect, the living entity, irrespective of his location, continues to experience his prarabdha karma (the portion of the total karma destined to be experienced in this life). As a result, he experiences joys and sorrows in the normal course of life. The frutitive actions of earlier births lead to joyful and sorrowful experiences in this birth. Your comforts, power, position all have their roots in previous actions.

Therefore O Vyasa! The person who serves Lord Srihari can never ever get trapped in this samsara i.e. the repeated cycle of re-births! This is irrefutable! This is because he has tasted the nectar called “service to the lotus feet of the Lord”. He will never ever be inclined to stay away from Lord Śrihari.

O Vyasa, creation, sustenance and destruction of this universe takes place due to Lord Srihari. Neither this world nor the individual have an existence that is separate from that Him! However the Supreme Lord is aloof from this creation. This knowledge is known to you and I am just defining to you one aspect of the Supreme.

You are highly knowledgeable and are in reality without birth. But solely for the welfare of the people, you took birth as an aspect of that Supreme Lord. Remember this. In extreme detail explain to the people of this world the specialities and the glorious deeds of that Supreme Lord.

Highly knowledgeable persons (jnanis) state that the austerities, Vedic studies, Yagna and other rituals, good words, knowledge and charitable deeds become meaningful and attain fulfillment only when the person praises the glorious deeds of that Supreme Lord.

“O Maharishi! In the previous kalpa (creation) I was born as the son of a maid-servant. When I was a small boy I was entrusted with the task of serving some great saints who had come there for their Chaturmasya austerities. Even though I was very small, not showing any inclination towards toys and other childish games, I was eternally engrossed in serving these eminent saints and abiding by their orders. I would not talk much. These great saints were impartial towards all forms of life. Even then, they developed feelings of deep compassion towards me. With the permission of those great saints I once ate the left-over food from their plates. With this, all my sins were totally destroyed. In this way through serving them my mind became totally pure. I developed deep dedication towards practice of dharma.

Everyday these great saints would joyfully sing the praises of Lord Srikrishna. I heard them with total dedication. As a result I developed love and devotion towards Lord Srikrishna. The increased devotion brought stability to my mind. It is only through devotion that the mind can be stabilized!

With such a firm mind I could realize that this entire world and this body of mine have emerged purely because of ignorance. In this way, by keenly listening to the glories of that infinite Lord being rendered by these great saints thrice daily, I could attain that state of devotion which could destroy my trigunas.

Thus through pure love, control of senses, humility and dedication I, who had offered them services, was totally cleansed of all my sins. At the time of their departure after Chaturmasya vrata, the great saints, who eternally show compassion towards the downtrodden, preached the ultimate secretive Bhāgawatam, to me, who was just a child and who was thus purified. They had learnt this Bhāgawatam directly from the Lord.

Om Namo Narayana.

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