Episode 39: Yudhisthira enquires about the horoscope of Parikshit

The learned scholars who were immensely pleased with his generosity, said as follows to Yudhisthira, who was filled with humility,

“O crown jewel of the Puru lineage! When your entire lineage was destroyed, the supremely efficient Lord Sri Mahavishnu, out of compassion towards you, has saved this child and handed him to you.

Tasmān nāmnā viṣṇu-rāta iti loke bhaviṣyati

Na sandeho mahā-bhāga mahā-bhāgavato mahān

For this reason, this child will become famous in this world as Vishnu-rāta i.e. one who has been protected and blessed by Vishnu. He will earn endless fame. He will become a supreme devotee of the Lord (Bhāgawata bhakta). He will become a great Mahatma and his fame will last till eternity. There is no doubt in this.

Yudhisthira then enquired, “Will this boy obtain that kind of fame which is appreciated by supreme saints?

It is normal to ask questions about the future when the horoscope of the infant is prepared. Elders will be anxious to know how the infant would fare during the various stages of life.  They will want to know the various planetary combinations that occur in his life and their impact on his health and other matters. Likewise Yudhisthira too wanted to know whether the boy, through his deeds, would earn that reputation by which saints would hold him in esteem. What a brilliant question he asked!

Contrary to this, we generally want to know whether our child will study well, whether he will go to America, whether he will gain material prosperity, whether he will become a great politician and the like. Here, on the other hand, Yudhisthira wants to know whether the fame that Parikshit would acquire would be such that even saints would hold him in esteem. He was unconcerned about the praises that ordinary people around him heaped.

People these days consider the false praises showered upon them by others, out of some personal expectation, as true praises. They are impressed when people clap for them. They take pride when they have many followers. They are thrilled to see a huge gathering at functions conducted by them. This is not true praise. True praise is that which eminent saints shower. Ordinary false praises are showered by selfish people in order to fulfill their selfish goals.

Yudhisthira further asked, “Will he follow the path that has been laid down by our saintly kings who were from our lineage? In our lineage, we have had many saintly kings.”

This question brings out the greatness of Emperor Yudhisthira. He did not seek to know whether his grandson would expand the empire, earn more wealth and reach supreme materialistic prosperity, whether he would wage wars victoriously and so on. He was more inclined to know whether his grandson would walk on the path of God. Whether he would respect saints? Will he acquire great fame as an ardent devotee of the Lord? Will he look after the citizens well? Will he walk on the righteous path?

What a fine person Yudhisthira was! With such a pure mind Yudhisthira wanted to know about his grandson’s future. From this question of Yudhisthira, it is clear that walking on the path which is appreciated by the eminent saints is itself the most important requirement in life.

People can argue anyway they like. But what is most important is that one should walk on that path and behave in that manner which is appreciated by saints! He should acquire devotion towards Srihari!

Sriman Nārāyaṇa!

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