Episode 43: Vidura’s preaching to Dhritarashtra… contd

Vidura continued, “I can see death approaching us shortly. Right now we are endowed with proper knowledge. We also have the capacity to withstand. Therefore this is the right time. Let go of everything and exit from these worldly bondages. As of now you are deeply tied down in this trap called worldly bondages and afflictions. By the time you are loosening one of its knots, you are getting tied down by another. When you seek to escape from this new knot, another few knots are entangling themselves around you. Trying to loosen these knots has become your only task”.

Swamiji explains: Anyway one day or the other all of us have to leave this world. It is inevitable! Even under such circumstances none in this world is inclined to do that one good deed or earn that good name and fame before leaving this body. Previously at least one in a lakh entertained that desire. Now probably its one in a million. In future it could be one in 10 million. Who knows, after that perhaps there would be none left on earth who would be inclined towards good deeds.

There should be total conformity between what is spoken, what is thought and what is done. In other words, only when thoughts, words and deeds are aligned perfectly, a person begins to take the first steps in the path towards God.

“Therefore my dear brother, listen to me. Time is running out. In this world there is absolutely no mechanism by which a living being can escape death. Be extremely alert! The moment when death holds the human being in its grip, he has to distance himself from his life-force (prana) which he treasured the most throughout his life”.

In this world what is most dear to a person? At a broader level, it includes all acquaintances and friends. Getting a step closer we can say that near and dear relatives are even closer than these friends. Spouse is definitely more cherished when compared to other relatives. Children assume greater prominence than even the spouse. However, the wealth acquired by the person is to him more important than even his children; and more important than one’s wealth is one’s own body! A person attaches most importance to his body. He adores his sense organs and his intelligence. And finally, even if he is willing to part with all of these, there is one more secretive thing that is most dear to him. That is his life-force (prāna)!

“When this prāna itself is leaving him and going away, of what use are all other worldly attachments? Prana and he are one and the same. When that flame itself dies down, what else is left? A person can own a golden lamp, he perhaps can afford to use ghee (clarified butter), perhaps even the wicks could be of expensive thread, but of what use are all these when the flame itself dies down? It is because of the flame that we are able to see things. We exist purely because of that light”.

That flame was supported by the wick. The wick was supported by the oil/ ghee which in turn is supported by the lamp base. In this manner the flame expanded its territory and spread everywhere. We at the human level believe, “I am the one who lit the lamp”, “this is mine” etc . The root however was the flame. In this world, the person is able to understand everything else apart from the flame. This flame is the life force! This life force is given by God. All other connections in this world have emerged only because of this life force. Wealth, family and relatives exist only because life force exists! No matter however much you could be attached to your wealth, relatives or to your body, you have to part from them one day!

Narayana! Datta Narayana!

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