Episode 8: Human birth should be utilized meaningfully

The only fruit which will be obtained from enjoying worldly experiences (sensory experiences) is continuing this journey of re-births. Experiences never help the senses attain contentment!

Human life becomes meaningful only by contemplating about the Lord and understanding Him! It can never attain fulfillment through performing actions (karma) and experiencing the results of those actions!

Endlessly performing one action after another can never lead to fulfilling the goal of life. Using money for good/ dharmic purposes implies going on pilgrimages, organizing Bhāgawatam chanting time and again, participating in the charitable deeds which are prescribed in Bhāgawatam text and so on. We should try to assimilate the truth about the Supreme Lord (Paramatma tattva). Money should be utilized towards attaining understanding this Supreme Essence. On the other hand conducting yagnas for some personal benefit is incorrect. At every step we should offer all our deeds to the Lord- krishnārpaṇamastu.

Vadanti tat tattva-vidas tattvaṁ yaj jñānam advayam

Brahmeti paramātmeti bhagavān iti kathyate

That knowledge which is speaks about the non-dual principle is called ‘Tattva’. This is what eminent learned masters declare. Such tattva is being referred to as Brahma, Paramātma or Bhagavān!

Swamiji explains: Only that knowledge which is devoid of any differentiation is ‘tattva’. Do you observe what a fine definition is being given about tattva? This is stated by those who understand this tattva. Such tattva is being called Brahma, Bhagawān or Paramātma.

Being well-equipped with knowledge and dispassion (jnana-vairagya) acquired through listening (śravana), people who have deep dedication (śraddha) endlessly contemplate upon this non-dual principle (tattva). Then along with devotion which is in the form of knowledge (jnana swaroopa bhakti) they, through the medium of their intellect (buddhi), visualize this non-dual principle (tattva) as their inner Self (atma)!  Here we should pay a lot of attention.

“O Maharishis! Perfect accomplishment can be achieved by discharging the duties prescribed by the varna-ashrama dharma (duties as laid down for the people of the four castes as well as four stages of life) and thus causing total joy to Lord Srihari.”

In every deed of ours and in every situation we should try to understand the essence of the Supreme Lord and experience that bliss! We should progress in that path only. Expecting to be elevated to the position of Indra (Lord of heaven) or Chandra (moon) as a reward for the good deed performed or expecting to be blessed with luxurious life, plentiful money or powerful position in society in the subsequent birth are all incorrect. The real fruit attained from adherence to prescribed dharma (rules of righteousness) is attaining liberation! We should understand that pleasing the Supreme Lord is itself complete perfection. This is dharma.

Therefore at all times, with single pointed concentration, we should listen (śravana), sing (keertana), contemplate and worship the Supreme Lord Srihari, whose treats his devotees as his own children.

Every moment should be spent listening to the glories of that Lord! One should eternally hear about the Supreme Essence! Every free moment should be dedicated to singing His glories! Recollecting His traits and singing His glories are important. Likewise closing the eyes and contemplating about Him or visualizing His form is equally important. Blissfully one should contemplate. To fix the mind at one point puja should be performed. Otherwise mind will not fix at a point.

Intellectual humans use the sword called contemplation (Bhagavad dhyana) to cut through the knotty karma called egoism (ahamkara, feeling of I-ness). How great this is! From this it is clear that only with the tool called contemplation, ego should be routed out!

Every being displays ego in different ways. Either though lack of contentment or through emphasizing that only their views are correct or by proving the other person wrong or through some other varied actions people display their ego. This ego has to be routed out completely. The person undertakes self-punishment here. Using supreme actions such as puja, each person has to completely shred his ego.

When this is done, automatically the person develops love towards the Lord. Then he develops the desire to understand the Supreme Essence. By offering services in certain sacred places, the opportunity to serve great saints arises.

‘Today is Tula sankramana. I need to go to the river and bathe there’. ‘Before the completion of the year I need to go and complete the Pushkara bathing’. ‘I need to go on a pilgrimage’. In this way the mind expresses its desire towards good deeds. When the mind thus seeks, then along with it many other good things come. The opportunity to serve great saints also comes along with it. The opportunity to feed the poor and needy also arises along with it. This is because dedication has emerged in the person.

Time and again one should rush for having Guru darshan! Not because there is some problem that needs to be solved by Him or for fulfillment of some personal desire but simply one should go with love to have His darshan. Problems exist eternally. The bhakti towards Him should become deep rooted in the mind. Going on a pilgrimage to see one favorite deity, going for Guru darshan, going to bathe in the preferred river, sharing food with 10 people, using all these tools we should strive to drive away the ego from the mind!

Om Namo Narayana.

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