Srinivasa Kalyanam 20: Srinivasa asks Brihaspati to suggest a medicine to heal his wound

Looking at the cowherd lying down and the blood on the anthill , they decided that someone killed the cowherd. The king started shouting out for the culprit as per his guess . The king expected that the one who killed the cowherd was hiding in the anthill and shouted at him asking him to come out .

Srinivasa also shouted ” I AM COMING ” with a thundering voice which shattered the clouds , made the movement of the air faster due to which the anthill was collapsed . Srinivasa manifested in all brightness . Chola Raja was in surprise . Srinivasa ! Govinda ! Srinivasa questioned the king as to how dare he was to make a cowherd beat Srinivasa .

The king was supposed to protect dharma and be discriminate when something went wrong. He was not supposed to send a guard to kill people without having a clear information. For doing so , Srinivasa cursed him to become an evil spirit and keep roaming . A Pishachi is that which would struggle even for water. A very pathetic state of life . He was transformed into a Pishachi ghost. But soon he realized how much he troubled Srinivasa .

The king immediately addressed Srinivasa as Deva Deva Srinivasa and sought pardon from him for behaving in an irrational way . Srinivasa said that His word could not be taken back and hence he had to undergo the punishment for sometime .

In the coming years , in chola dynasty , a girl would be born who would marry Srinivasa . After some time , when Srinivasa becomes Venkateswara and wears a diamond studded crown in the evening times of Friday , those who have that Darshan will get rid of their sins and the pleasant feeling they experience will cut down the curse and the intensity of devilish ness in them and lead a happy life .

Srinivasa , unable to tolerate the pain of the injury , remembered His Guru , Brihaspati . Srinivasa complained Brihaspati of His injury and requested him to give him a medicine . Brihaspati was pleased for being called by Srinivasa who called him with an intention of giving him the first Darshan on the hill . Brihaspati reminded Srinivasa of the injuries that occurred on nails He had in Narasimha Avatara , when killed Hiranya Kashipa . He also reminded that Srihari got them cured by applying the fruit juice of fig tree along with the latex of calotropis .

Brihaspati said ” oh Srinivasa !! “Despite the indisposition you will never stop giving Darshan to the devotees, as you love them so much. ” Brihaspati said that he would retire from that place if Venkateswara permitted him . Venkateswara felt happy for reminding him of his favorite Avatara of Narasimha Swamy and permitted him to leave that place . Brihaspati left the place .

Venkateswara thought of himself to be Lord Rama , the tree to be Dasaratha , the anthill as his mother Kausalya and the hill as Lakshmmana . Venkateswara recollected the sweet memories of his Rama avatara and felt the place as Ayodhya . Lord Venkateswara wanted the place to change into Ayodhya and it happened so !Venkateswara switched over to Krishna Avatara . The tamarind tree was addressed by Him as Vasudeva , His father , the anthill as Devaki Mata ,and pushkarini as Yamuna River .

This thought process of Venkateswara indicated to us that whole in sorrow , we should recollect the good nature of people and also good friends . While in sorrow , we should not multiply it by being sorrowful. . Recollect your own happy moments or the events narrated by Sadguru or the mesmerizing smile of Sadguru to forget the sorrow . We should never recollect sorrows and always recollect pleasant moments . We always recollect the sorrowful events and keep lamenting for them. Learn to think of only good events. Keep smiling always and is the best quality , a Kalyana characteristic of a queen . Looking at the animals , He said they are Yadavas .

Also recollect how Sadguru compared Ganagapura , Ayodhya and other places and enjoy bliss . Instead of enjoying the divinity of those places , if we spot out and stare at various shops of eatables and attractive things , the pilgrimage is of no use . Smile heartily .Looking at the animals , He said they are Yadavas Looking at small birds , He expressed that He is lord Krishna and all the birds are Gopikas.

Bhajan :

Vande Mukundam Vande Aravindam !!!

Srinivasa who was very tired, fell asleep quickly.

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