Vanara Gita 43: Hanuman has the aspects of the Trinity in him.

The next hymn has been composed by Vanara Dadhimukha-

āloḍya vedasāstrāṇi sarvāṇyapi maharṣibihi

ida mekam sunīrnitam na daivam hanumatparam.

Meaning- After an in-depth analysis of the entire Vedas and Shastras, Maharishis have unanimously concluded that there is no God greater than Hanuman.

Hanuman’s is a unique and extraordinary incarnation. The aspects Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are inter-twined in him. For this reason, Hanuman is the form of Trinity. This great Lord has in him the complete essence of Parabrahma, Mahavishnu as well as Paramashiva. In his form of Trinity he ensures the well-being of the world.

As Brahma, he wards off major natural disasters and catastrophes, and thus protects life on earth. As Vishnu, he ensures his devotees walk on the path of righteousness and encourages them to involve in righteous activities. As an aspect of Shiva, He rescues people from the clutches of the demons, yaksha, ghosts, and fierce demon spirits. These are His daily duties.

In the very ancient past, once Maharishi Narada prayed to Hanuman seeking the destruction the demon Trishularoma. This hymn of Sage Narada, clearly brings out the aspect of Trinity in Hanuman-

Sūtrātmane namastubhyam sūkṣma rūpāya viṣṇave

Śankarāyādi devāya yoginām pataye namaḥ.

When Hanuman was engaged in a battle with Lord Yama, the lord of death, Yama’s wife appealed to Hanuman. From her prayer too, the aspect of the Trinity within Him is clearly highlighted-

Namste brahma rūpāya swa rūpāya te namaḥ

Namostu viśṇu rūpāya surya rūpāya te namaḥ.

From an in-depth analysis of all these hymns, it is evident that Hanuman is the embodiment of all Gods. Hence, when Hanuman is worshipped, all the Gods are pleased. Such is His greatness.

After successfully completing his assignment of locating Mother Sita, Hanuman together with his Vanara comrades reached Madhuvana, the private garden of King Sugriva. When the Vanaras, in their merriment of having found Mother Sita, sought permission to enter this garden, Hanuman consented. None of the Vanaras had ever seen this garden until this point of time.  It was impossible to enter this garden. This garden was a gift from Lord Brahma and for this reason no one could even step into it. This was Sugriva’s special garden. Dadhimukha, the maternal uncle of Sugriva zealously guarded this garden. In Dadhimukha’s opinion, Hanuman was no more than an ordinary Vanara. Dadhimukha tried to prevent the Vanaras from entering his garden and in the process was badly beaten up by them.

Om Namo Hanumate Namaha.

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