What are Sri Swamiji’s goals?

Call it Swamiji’s desire or goal or intent, it is multifaceted. It is exhibited through the various activities undertaken by Swamiji. One of the goals is to slowly bring about a change in the hearts of those devotees who have taken complete shelter under me and totally surrendered to me and to create in them a liking towards spirituality and based on their tastes put them on to the suitable path for this progress. Swamiji blesses those who come to him, with suitable and appropriate blessings.

Swamiji offers appropriate guidance and indications to the individual depending on the need. With this, ethical values in the person are increased and the person gets the energy, the shakti to overcome his weaknesses. Further, the understanding of the true goal behind the human birth and the path in which it is to be achieved is attained by the person. At times, to treat devotees suffering from mental weaknesses, Swamiji also plays the role of an expert mental doctor. Swamiji’s ashram can also be called natural therapy centre (prakriti chikitsa). There both physical and mental growth can be achieved.

Among the religious activities protection of human dharma takes an important place. As part of that is solving the woes and the miseries of life, learning the methods of acquiring peace and happiness, all of which are essential in life. Understanding and sharing the pain and sorrows of the common man who is going through the hurdles of life, assisting them or trying to be of help to them and thus strengthening the friendship with them are part of it. Towards this, Swamiji adheres to his own methods. All these above mentioned gunas happen merely by Swamiji’s presence at that place and thus the devotees get relief.

Only after these come, Swamiji’s other tasks such as assisting with spiritual progress, introspection etc occur. In addition to this, Swamiji listens to the family and personal issues of every devotee and as the head of the family resolves or guides them accordingly. Swamiji travels along with them as they face the hurdles of life and sharing their pain and troubles, guides them throughout and struggles to get them out of it. Many devotees have personal experience in this context. To such devotees, Swamiji is not merely a God or a Guru, but to them he is the head of the family, a well-wisher and a true friend. Travelling with them as a companion in their life’s journey and being by their side at every hardship that they face, gradually and slowly Swamiji shifts them from a total materialistic life into the path towards self realization. Everyone has to experience this limitless love, the very significant energy (mahatvapoorna shakti) and the blessings of Sadguru Datta. In Swamiji’s presence, devotees endlessly experience this.

Over and above this, Swamiji uses methods such as homas, pujas, japa, namasankeertana to help the person reach his natural state of bliss. Reciting the various names of that Almighty such as Rama, Krishna, Datta the devotees participate in the bhajans and totally immersing themselves in that recitation, they experience bliss. Isn’t that true worship? Swamiji physically demonstrates all these to his devotees through his involvement and thus shows them the way and teaches them through it. True spiritual aspirants can learn a lot about our ancient rich culture and dharmas through this. All these activities happen per Swamiji’s will. Where the devotee takes one step, Swamiji will take 10 steps towards him.

-Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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