What is the significance behind constructing Datta temples?

Dattatreya swami is the first Guru for the universe in the field of spirituality. Moreover Datta swami is the combined form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Hence a worshiper of any God or Goddess is eligible to worship Lord Datta. Another important aspect is that Datta swami is above differentiation of religion, caste, creed, language, region, etc. Any person is thus eligible to worship Him. Dattta upasakas and sadhakas are gaining progress in every field.

16 Datta temples represent the 16 incarnations taken on by Datta. Based on the worthiness of the place, temples are being constructed as per the rules laid down in the shastras. To fulfill the desire of His devotees, more than 16 Datta temples have been constructed.

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