What are the consequences of suicide?

According to our shastras suicide, killing of children, Brahmins, cows as well as abortions are the most terrible sins (mahā pāpa). That is why, in case you know that someone has suicidal tendencies, you should try to help him and avert it. Once that period is over, only then we can say that he has come out of it successfully or that the danger is passed.

If a person commits suicide in one birth, then for the next 7 consequent births at the same age and same time he will commit suicide again. The animals that he killed in that birth also get counted. So even if we are facing extreme difficulties in life, it is better to face it and wait for natural death.

These days people have mastered the art of remaining unhappy. They love to be depressed. They are attached to such feelings. “My mind is dull, my heart is heavy, my lover has deserted me…” they cry repeatedly. This becomes their mantra. Learn to listen to good music whenever you are overcome by such feelings. Serve the needy. Slowly over a period of time, such feelings will disappear. Visit holy places.  Meet Mahatmas and attend satsang. In Mysore ashram there are plenty of such reformed persons.

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