While singing the glories of the lord, the doors of the divine kingdom open (Tamil) ~ 17 Aug 2014


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  1. Jaya Guru Datta_/\_!! Happy Krishnashtami Pujya Appaji !!
    Anantha koti pranams at the Lotus Feet of Our Sri Krishna Swaroopa Sadgurudeva _/\_!!

  2. SBS Gems, April 27, 2014, UPH, Mysore
    Dattavani.org Courtesy: Hira Duvvuri Auntiji
    God is holding the rope tied around us. Singing God’s names is like splashing. All religions practice this. Name of God has so much power. He has actually no name or form. Still it helps to sing His glories. The Kushmanda mantras mentioned in the Vedas are prayers addressed to God to forgive our sins. Bhaktimala is carrying this series. The glory of chanting God’s names is described.
    Everyone takes a loan including Kubera, the God of wealth. We are all indebted to God. He has given us loans and we have accepted from Him. What have we taken from Him? What has He given us? This body, life, and birth. We did not ask, we say. We asked, but we have forgotten. We asked for many favors over the past countless lifetimes. But we deny it because we don’t remember. We do not remember our actions from past lives. We only remember the recent past. God saves the soul on its long journey, not just this present lifetime. God sees only the soul and its journey through many bodies. He does not see the bodies. We claim that we are innocent and the troubles we experience are unjust. This calculation of where we began or where we end is not known to us. But God knows. The truth is the same. It does not change. We ask for transient favors. He gives permanent bliss. We give very little. He gives great boons. It is not a business deal. He gives us freedom from the greatest misery of repeated births. We have to clear our debt to Him in this life itself. Until it is cleared we are not freed. Sadguru or God will help us to clear the debt.

    Shatashloki Ramayana Episode 8:
    Dattavani.org Courtesy Parimala Eashwarlaji Feb 14,2013.
    Narada was one of the mind born sons of Lord Brahma . Due to a curse, Narada was re-born as a Gandharva and lead a family life. He was a dedicated worshipper of Lord Narayana. Once he was blessed with the rare opportunity of singing the glories of Lord Krishna, in the presence of the Supreme Father Lord Brahma. He was singing melodiously. All of a sudden, he erred in the musical beat (taala). This angered Lord Brahma who cursed him to be born as a son of a daasi (maid).
    This Gandharva was re-born as a maid’s son. As his mother used to work in the ashram of some saints, from a very young age, Narada had a chance to observe the worship being offered to Lord Srihari (Vishnu) and he developed a deep inclination towards it. He began to intensely worship Lord Srihari. After a certain period of time, Srihari appeared before him and said, “As there are a few doshas (ills) remaining in your samskaras (past impressions), in this birth you will only be able to hear my voice. In your next birth you can see me. You will become one among my troops (parivaaram).”
    As foretold by the Supreme Lord, Narada took on one more birth. He went on to become a deva rishi, great naadopaasaka (worshipping the Divinity through music) and one of the members in the troop (parivaaram) of Lord Srihari (Vishnu). Eternally he recites the mantra ‘Narayana’ Narayana’. This is his story.

    In the Kaliyuga, Namasankeertana is a definite way to connect with God and reach Him. Namasankeertana purifies our mind and the vibrations created give us balanced health.

    All the more reasons to practice singing bhajans. Thank You Puttuji!!
    Gurorangripadme ManaScenna Lagnam tata kim tata kim tata kim tata kim !!
    Sivaya Gurave Namaha !! Sri Guru Datta !! Om Namo hanumathe Namaha !!

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