Why do some people always give flowers, fruits, milk, money etc. to Swamiji and worship him with that?

These are traditionalists. They possess a natural devotion towards God and Guru and towards good pious persons. They are experts in Guru bhakti. They do not have any selfish desires. They desire the company of great souls (satsang). They do not attach much weightage to materialistic successes or failures. They also would have acquired the capacity to treat praise and abuse equally. Such people are Swamiji’s dearest devotees. They do not have any expectations from Swamiji. In fact they do not even desire to be next to Swamiji at all times. They experience Swamiji’s presence with them wherever they are staying. This is a type of selfless devotion. Generally such people are also quite detached. They try to be like the lotus in the dirty pond.

  • Glimpses of Bhaktimala 4

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