Why is Veda recital considered powerful?

Even those animals, birds and insects that happen to hear a Veda recital, undergo many positive changes in their subsequent births! This is because Veda is the language of the Gods. It is also a form of God. Vedas are those drops of nectar that explain about the essence of God, about illusion that has enveloped the creation and more importantly about the methods that one could adopt to merge back into Him.

Veda recital by a person who has learnt the Vedas through the proper channel and procedure and who has a pure mind has the unique ability to wash away the sins of the listeners and bestow auspiciousness!

It is not enough to learn the Purushasuktam and then declare that the Vedas have been mastered. ‘Vedas’ include a lot more than that. To learn Vedas a dedicated and continuous effort of 10-12 years is needed.

Some people carry this false belief that only ‘good for nothing’ people who are unfit for academic education learn Vedas. This is absolutely incorrect. Veda Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) blesses only those who have limitless merit accumulated across many births (janmantara punya) and who systematically follow their ancient family traditions to learn Veda. Only a few lucky people get a chance even to listen and appreciate a Veda chanting. Then imagine what luck would be required to learn the Vedas!

Learn to listen and enjoy a Veda recital. If mastering Vedas is a penance, then listening is also penance. Helping Vedas is also a penance.

  • Bhaktimala June 97, Nov 98

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