Bhagawatam 133: Fight between Lord Varaha and Demon Hiranyāksha

In intense fury the Lord continued to address Hiranyāksha, “How can you ever think of escaping from warriors like us? You are the leader for the entire army of land warriors, isn’t it? Then why delay? Come and attack now. Let’s fight. Begin that task which gives Me immense pleasure. As per your earlier declaration, kill me now and wipe away the tears of your near and dear ones. Live up to your promise. Don’t you know that those who do not live up to their promise lose the opportunity to sit amidst eminent persons in any assembly?” Thus the Lord mocked the demon.

Hearing these derisive words, Hiranyāksha’s anger intensified. His blood boiled. He was perturbed. Like an angry cobra he hissed. The anger caused his limbs to tremble violently. In lightening speed he rushed towards Lord Varaha to hit Him with his iron mace.

Bhagavāṁs tu gadā-vegaṁ visṛṣṭa ripuorasi

Avañcayat tiraścīno yogārūḍha ivāntakam

Hiranyāksha was just about to hit the Lord with his mace when the Lord jumped slightly aside and escaped from that blow. Just as a Yogi escapes death, the Lord escaped from that blow.

With his lips quivering in rage, Hiranyāksha took his mace and repeatedly rotated it swiftly in the air above his head. Lord Varāha now pounced upon the demon and with His mace tried to hit him on his forehead. However the demon deftly escaped and using his mace he stopped the Lord’s mace.

In this way, in maddened anger and with the desire to obtain victory over each other, both fought violently using their maces. They attacked each other repeatedly. Their determination was undeterred. They thus fought for a long time. Blood flowed profusely from their bodies due to the wounds. The smell of blood flowing from their bodies only intensified their wrath and caused them to fight even more fiercely. In order to get control over earth, they thus fought violently using innumerable tricks with their maces, so as to obtain victory. They appeared like two bulls that were fighting fiercely for the sake of a cow.

Daityasya yajñāvayavasya māyā-gṛhīta-vārāha-tanor mahātmana

Kauravya mahyāṁ dviator vimardanaṁ didṛkur āgād ṛṣibhir vta svarā

O foremost amongst the Kuru lineage! O Vidura! When Lord Srihari who has Yagna as His limbs, who is the personification of Yagna, who assumed the form of a boar using His power of illusion and who is none other than Parabrahma, was fighting with the demon in order to safeguard earth, Brahma along with all Maharishis arrived there in order to witness the war.

In great enthusiasm Hiranyāksha was fighting brutally returning blow for every blow received by him. His valour did not appear to diminish even slightly.

The ever worshipful Lord Brahma, who had arrived there together with thousands of great saints, observed this. He addressed Lord Narayana, who was there in the form of a boar, and said,

“O Lord! I had earlier showered plentiful boons upon this demon. However he has been causing great harm to all the Devatas who have sought shelter in Your feet, to the Brahmins, to the cows and to other innocent beings. He is the cause for their fear and grief. There is none who has the capacity to stop this demon who has become an impediment in the universe.

He has become conceited. Intoxicated with that arrogance, this conceited demon, who possesses limitless prowess, travels across all various worlds in search of opponents who could challenge him in war.

O Lord! This wicked demon is a conjurer and is extremely arrogant. He is absolutely unstoppable. You are playing with him just as a little boy playfully engages himself with a cobra. O Lord! The demonic time, which will cause a surge in his energy, is fast approaching. Hence please exhibit your illusory power immediately and kill this demon.

Eṣā ghoratamā sandhyā loka-cchambaṭ-karī prabho

Upasarpati sarvātman surāṇā jayam āvah

O Lord! O sarvatma! The evening twilight (Sandhya) time which causes the destruction of the worlds is fast approaching. Kill him before that time and ensure victory to the Devatas.

The auspicious period of time known as Abhijit lagna is about to end. Please kill him and grant happiness to us, your devotees. This demon who cannot be killed by any other, can be destroyed only by You. Hence please destroy him now.

Diṣṭyā tvāṁ vihitaṁ mṛtyum ayam āsāditaḥ svayam

Vikramyainaṁ mdhe hatvā lokān ādhehi śarmaṇi

You had previously declared that he will die only in Your hands. It is pre-decided. He himself has approached You, who are right now the personification of death. Hence show your valour and kill him. Please bring happiness to all the worlds, O Lord”.

With this prayer of Lord Brahma, the eighteenth chapter comes to an end.

Vamanāya namah.

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