Bhagawatam 142: The story of Devahuti and Maharishi Kardama

Pradyumnāya namah.

Maharishi Maitreya continued,


“Emperor Manu spent his entire time listening, talking or contemplating upon the stories pertaining to the Lord and serving Him. In this way he utilized the entire lifespan given to him productively and did not waste it. In all the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep, he was immersed in knowledge of Mahavishnu alone.

He conquered the three afflictions viz., adhyātmika, ādhibhoutika and ādhidaivika. He reached that state which is above the sattva, rajas and tamo gunas (the three attributes of Nature). He thus spent his time i.e. Manvantara which is 71 Maha-yugas exclusively dedicated in thinking of Sri Mahavishnu.

Śārīrā mānasā divyā vaiyāse ye ca mānuṣā

Bhautikāś ca kathaṁ kleśā bādhante hari-saṁśrayam


O Vidura! Fever and other sicknesses are bodily ailments. Depression, grief etc. are ailments related to the mind. Both these afflictions pertain to the individual and are known as ādhyātimika kleśa. Troubles that arise due to God’s will are ādhidaivika afflictions. Those troubles that arise on account of other animals or other living entities for example snake bite are ādhi-bhoutika afflictions. None of these afflictions can bind a person who has totally surrendered to Lord Srihari!

Emperor Manu always sought the welfare of all forms of life. Saints approached him once and asked him to teach them the rules of righteousness (dharma). At that time, he taught the various rules of righteousness applicable to every human being and to every stage of life. Adherence to these rules brings auspiciousness to the person.

O Vidura! Manu was the first emperor of the creation. His story is wonderful and is worth glorifying. I have narrated to you his marvelous story. I shall now tell you the story of his supreme daughter Devahuti. Listen”.

With this the twenty second chapter of the third canto comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Twenty three

In this chapter, Devahuti serving her husband who was in deep absolute meditation (samādhi); Maharishi Kardama creating a divine aeroplane and the holy couple travelling joyfully in it are explained. The birth of their nine daughters is also explained.

Maitreya Maharishi continued, “After the departure of her parents Manu and Śataroopa, Devahuti began to adhere to the pativrata dharma and serve her husband dutifully. She was a pious chaste woman. With supreme dexterity she would understand the thought process of her husband and would accordingly serve him. Just as Mother Goddess Parvati served Lord Shiva, she lovingly offered services to her husband.

Viśrambheṇātma-śaucena gauraveṇa damena ca

Śuśrūṣayā sauhdena vācā madhurayā ca bhoḥ

Visṛjya kāmaṁ dambhaṁ ca dveṣa lobham agha madam

Apramattodyatā nityaṁ tejīyāṁsam atoayat


Devahuti possessed excellent qualities such as great inner purity, friendliness, respect towards others, sense-control, melodious speech, feelings of devotional service and love. She had already eliminated defects such as lust, desires, deceit, pride, hatred, greed, sin, jealousy, and vanity.

Many many years passed in this fashion. Devahuti diligently continued to serve her husband, the ever-radiant Maharishi Kardama, considering him to be greater than God. Simultaneously, seeking fulfillment of her desires, she undertook many stringent rituals and disciplines as a result of which she became emaciated and pale.

After many years had thus passed, one day Kardama Maharishi noticed his wife who was looking emaciated. Filled with compassion, he lovingly addressed her and said,

“O daughter of Manu! I am deeply pleased with your supreme devotion, the respect that you show towards others, and more importantly, with the services that you have offered me.

In this creation every living being is exceptionally fond of its body. Yet, you have neglected your body in order to offer services to me. This is truly astonishing!

I have diligently abided by my dharma (swadharma). In these many years, with single focused concentration of mind I have undertaken penance, meditation and worship. As such I have obtained divine transcendental powers. Neither am I overjoyed nor do I fear the comforts that can be obtained through these supernatural powers. As you have served me diligently and devotedly these transcendental powers also belong to you. I now bless you with divine vision. Please see for yourself how beautiful they are!

Heavenly comforts such as swarga are many. Nevertheless, they too get destroyed by the mere playful movement of Lord Srihari’s eyebrows. What are they in front of the might of time?

Due to strict adherence to pativrata dharma (chastity) you have achieved accomplishment! This discipline of yours will fetch you all the desired comforts. Human beings who are swelled up with money and power can never get hold of these comforts. Now you enjoy these comforts” he said.

Maharishi Kardama had supreme mastery over every form of knowledge! He was an accomplished master, a great yogi!

Hearing these words, the anxiety in the mind of the innocent Devahuti was totally dissolved. She looked at him shyly. Her face illumined due to her charming smile. With great humility and love she addressed her husband and said,

“O supreme saint! You are a master in Yoga! I am aware that you are an accomplished being (siddha pusuśa). But yet you are my husband. At the time of our wedding you had promised that we would have children. Therefore I seek that we should spend time together. To a chaste woman, begetting good children through her illustrious husband is akin to enormous wealth.

Without transgressing the limits of the scriptures, please arrange the suitable required objects for our enjoyment. The more I see you, the more the lord of love torments me. I deeply desire to enjoy with you. However this body of mine has shrunk and is emaciated. Please bless this body such that it is nourished adequately for our enjoyment. Please also create a beautiful mansion for this purpose”.

Maharishi Kardama heard his wife’s pleas. He decided to fulfill all her wishes. Immediately, using his transcendental powers he created an amazing airplane that could travel freely in space per his will. It was a divine celestial plane which could fulfill every desire.

That airplane was stocked with every form of auspicious objects. Every form of comfort and wealth that surpassed each other in grandeur existed within it”.

This is the description of the plane. We should also seek to understand the inner significance contained in it.

Aniruddhāya namah.

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