Bhagawatam 143: Description of the celestial airplane created by Maharishi Kardama

Pradyumnāya namah

Exquisite carvings of different varieties of birds adorned the entire aerial mansion. The time period we are speaking about is the earliest period of creation. At that time the hordes of living beings were yet to be created. Even at that time birds were given supreme significance.

References to birds are found everywhere. This is because they are Gandharvas, Kimpurushas, Yakshas. They are Devatas. Some of them are Gandharvas having been cursed as born as birds.

The carved birds looked so delightful and life-like that the swans and pigeons, that flew about in the mansion, mistakenly believing them to be real flocked around them and greeted them with welcoming chirps!

This mansion was surrounded by vast landscaped gardens, walking tracks and resting places. Within the mansion were innumerable bedrooms, vast courtyards, windows and lovely doorways.

The aerial mansion was magnificent and impressive. It appeared as if Maharishi Kardama would perhaps be surprised at his own creation!

Maharishi Kardama noticed that his wife Devahuti however was not pleased to see this exquisite mansion. He was a supreme yogi and could understand the feelings hidden deeply within the hearts of every living being in the universe. Therefore understanding her feelings, he gently addressed her and said,

“O Devahuti, please dip into this pond before entering into the mansion. This pond has been created by the joyful tears that poured from Lord Srihari’s eyes. The desires of the person who dips into this pond will be fulfilled in entirety”.

Devahuti was wearing an old faded garment. Due to the intensity of austerities her hair was knotty, sticky and matted. Her emaciated body was ashen. She had performed intense austerities for begetting children. She was looking lusterless.

Devahuti now entered into the waters of the lake, which contained the waters of River Saraswati. Within the pond she saw a huge mansion. Within that mansion were thousand maidens, who were as fragrant as fresh lotuses. All of them stood up immediately upon seeing her. Folding their hands they said, “O Mother, we are your servants. Please let us know how we can serve you.”

These maidens were courteous in their speech. They realized that Devahuti was a self-respecting woman. Taking initiative they bathed Devahuti with many aromatic waters. They draped her in new soft silken clothes. They decorated her with many costly, elegant and exquisite ornaments. They fed her with wide varieties of dishes so that she would be nourished well and also gave her an intoxicating drink.

Devahuti now looked at herself in the mirror. She observed Her spotlessly clean clothes and her well nourished body. Her attendants applied varied ointments to her body. They offered their best services to her. With washed hair, beautiful ornaments, new silken clothes she looked very attractive. The bangles on her hands and the coral chain around her neck added to her beauty.

Golden anklets dazzled on her feet. A golden waistband filled with many gems glittered on her waist. She anointed herself with kumkum and other auspicious ingredients.  With beautiful teeth, lovely eyebrows, a gaze that was filled with tender love, eyes that outshone lotuses in beauty and dark curly hair she glowed radiantly”.

She is the mother of the world. To us all, she is a Mother Goddess. Without her this creation would not have progressed. After all, we are all her descendants. She is our first mother. Here our mother’s beauty and her happiness are being explained. We are truly fortunate to be listening about our mother’s beauty. Talking about Divine Mother’s beauty is a divine experience. She is the mother of all mothers.

“Devahuti now remembered her husband, the supreme saint Kardama Prajapati. Together with her attendants she approached and stood bashfully before him. She observed the thousand attendants who were serving her and was astonished at the transcendental yogic powers her husband possessed.

Kardama Maharishi observed his wife. She was shining in her natural beauty. But yet, with her shining new clothes she appeared to be glowing as never before. She was no longer emaciated and pale. Instead she was in the pink of health. She was wearing a new saree and had elegantly draped it around her shoulders.

Seeing his beautiful wife accompanied by thousand attendants, Kardama Maharishi’s heart was filled with love. This great saint had married only because Lord Brahma had commanded him to have children. Even then the saint had in all these years never even looked once at his wife. For the first time he observed her now.

He then gently held her hand and helped her board the airplane. This was the first time he had even touched her!

Pradyumnāya namah

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