Bhagawatam 145: The stage is set for the Supreme Lord’s incarnation as Kapila

Devahuti bent her head, gazing at the floor and wiping the floor with her feet, she gently addressed her husband and hesitantly said, “O Venerable one! You have dutifully abided by the promises made at the time of our marriage. I now surrender to you. Please protect me. Please search for suitable grooms for these daughters of yours. Please get them married. Thereafter you take up sanyāsa. In order to console me after you leave home, please bless me with a son.

O Lord! As my senses were totally focused upon sound, form and other sensory perceptions, I could not adequately worship the Almighty Lord. I have wasted my time uselessly. Due to my inclination towards material comforts and luxuries, I could not understand the Supreme Essence. I have developed deep attachment and friendship towards you in this process. Nevertheless O Lord, I pray that I get rid of these worldly bondages”.

Saṅgo yaḥ saṁsṛter hetur asatsu vihito ’dhiyā

Sa eva sādhuṣu kto niḥsagatvāya kalpate

Lacking right discrimination, the ignorant person develops friendship with the wicked and thereby falls into the trap of re-births (samsāra or worldly bondages). Instead, if he develops friendship with noble saints, he would attain freedom from these worldly bondages.

Neha yat karma dharmāya na virāgāya kalpate

Na tīrtha-pada-sevāyai jīvann api mṛto hi sa

In this world, if the actions of the person do not further his adherence to righteousness (dharma), if they are not useful to the Lord (seva) and if they do not help him develop dispassion (vairgarya), then it can be said that his deeds are absolutely worthless. Such a person is akin to the dead, even if he is alive.

My lord, the Supreme Lord’s illusory power has cheated me. This is undoubtedly true. This is because I had an opportunity to obtain Supreme Knowledge and thereby get liberated due to my association with you. Even then, I could not free myself from these bondages and seek liberation,” Devahuti lamented.

With this the twenty third chapter of the third canto comes to an end.

Third Canto Chapter Twenty four

In this chapter, the birth of Maharishi Kapila, the marriage of the Kardama’s nine daughters, the conversation between Kardama and Kapila and Kardama Maharishi attaining ultimate liberation are covered.

Maitreya Maharishi said to Vidura, “Manu’s daughter Devahuti was of an exemplary character. Hearing these words of Devahuti, which were full of dispassion, Kardama Maharishi’s heart melted completely. He recollected the prophecy of Lord Srihari and said, “O sinless princess! Do not grieve. Srihari, the imperishable Supreme Lord will shortly enter your womb.

Dhṛta-vratāsi bhadraṁ te damena niyamena ca

Tapo-draviṇa-dānaiś ca śraddhayā ceśvaraṁ bhaja 

You have undertaken plentiful disciplines and rituals with utmost dedication. May you be blessed with auspiciousness! From now on practice sense-control. Diligently abide by the disciplines. Give away your wealth in charity. With dedication meditate upon the Supreme Lord. Pleased with your penance Srihari will incarnate as your son. He will enhance my fame. He will impart to you the Supreme Knowledge and will shred these veils of ignorance in you”.

Upon hearing this, Devahuti with firm dedication worshipped the Supreme Lord Srihari, who is the Lord of the universe, who is formless, and who wanted to incarnate as a Guru to everyone in the creation”.

She had begged for a son, who could help her obtain liberation through Self-realization. Kardama Maharishi, through his divine Yogic vision told her that the Supreme Lord would incarnate as her son to teach her the Supreme Knowledge.

“A long time passed. After many years, through the medium of Kardama Maharishi’s radiance, the Supreme Lord entered her womb. Just as fire emerges in sacrificial wood, he emerged from Devahuti.

At the time of His birth, clouds made divine auspicious sounds and showered rains. Gandharvas sang in ecstasy praising Lord Srihari. Divine damsels (apsaras) danced joyously. From heaven, Devatas showered flowers.  All directions were peaceful. The heart of every living being was calm and tranquil.

Brahma together with Marichi and other saints arrived at the hermitage of Kardama Prajapati. Lord Brahma was aware that Lord Srihari, with the aspect of goodness (sattva guna) had arrived on earth in order to teach the principle of Nature and Self, or the knowledge known as Sānkhya philosophy to mankind. With absolutely pure heart, Lord Brahma, praised the Lord’s decision. He addressed Kardama Prajāpati and said,

“O great saint! You are always respectful to elders. Without any deceit you have worshipped me. In addition, you have dutifully abided by my orders.

Etāvaty eva śuśrūṣā kāryā pitari putrakaiḥ

Bāḍham ity anumanyeta gauraveṇa guror vaca

Sons have to abide by their father’s order at least to this extent. They should reverentially abide by the father’s orders. All your daughters are exceedingly beautiful. They will, through their respective lineages, increase the population of the world significantly in varied ways. Hence in accordance to their desires and natures, give them in marriage to great saints. Expand your glory throughout earth.

Vedāham ādyaṁ puruṣam avatīrṇa sva-māyayā

Bhūtānāṁ śevadhi dehaṁ bibhrāṇa kapila mune

O Maharishi! I know that Srihari, the primordial being and the Lord who fulfills all desires of every living being, has using His own illusory powers, taken on a body and has incarnated as your son Kapila.

O daughter of Manu! This Lord who possesses golden hair, lotus eyes, lotus feet, who has the imprints of lotus on his feet and who is the destroyer of demon Kaitabhasura, has entered your womb and incarnated as Kapila.

He will shred the knots of ignorance in those living beings who are desirous of understanding Srihari through Self-knowledge and through dedication towards the Self. Shredding ignorance and knot of doubts i.e. the hridaya granthi in those who are desirous of Self-realization, he will travel across the globe.

Aniruddhāya namah

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