Bhagawatam 144: Kardama Prajapati seeks to leave home upon birth of his nine daughters

The thousand attendants created by him were serving them both while they were seated in the aerial mansion. Seated in this mansion, Kardama Maharishi shone like the Full Moon, that is located amidst the shining stars at night and which causes the night lilies to bloom. He was looking handsome.

Seated in this celestial airplane, Kardama Maharishi, who is worshipped by supreme ascetics, together with wife Devahuti travelled amidst the deep caves of the wondrous Mountain Meru for a long period of time.  Like Kubera, the god of riches, he enjoyed himself.

In that place, River Ganga, making various auspicious sounds, falls from heaven. Wind, who is the friend of Manmatha, the God of desire, gently blows cool fragrant breeze. For this reason, the lords of the eight directions pleasurably roam about in these places.

Accompanied by his wife, Kardama Prajāpati enjoyed in the various celestial gardens known as Vaiśrambhaka, Surasana, Nandana, Pushpabhadraka and Caitrarathya. He also pleasurably visited and enjoyed himself in Manasa sarovara lake.

That celestial airplane, which dazzled radiantly, would travel anywhere per his will. He travelled even through the sphere of air. In general people are controlled by the wind. Heavy gale winds push us and throw us away. Contrary to this, the supreme saint was directing the wind and traversing as he pleases cutting through gale winds. He overtook many Devatas who were also travelling in airplanes and he surged ahead.

Kiṁ durāpādanaṁ teṣāṁ puṁsām uddāma-cetasām

Yair āśritas tīrtha-padaś caraṇo vyasanātyaya

What is it that cannot be achieved by the person who has surrendered completely to the lotus feet of the Lord and is living courageously? He can achieve everything.

Kardama Maharishi was a supreme accomplished being. He travelled to various planes and showed to his wife the beauty of the universe. He then returned to his hermitage. This was an airplane that travelled faster than the speed of mind. In a fraction of a second he was back although it felt that they had travelled for many many years.

Like as Lord Narayana divided himself into 16000 forms for the sake of the 16000 Gopikas, the great saint Kardama Prajāpati now divided himself into 9 forms. In these forms he sported with his wife Devahuti, all the while being unattached and desireless. He pleased her thoroughly. While they were thus enjoying themselves, the time period of many, many years passed quickly like a second. He ensured that his wife also took on many forms to suit his forms.

When the handsome Kardama Maharishi, was seated elegantly on the bed, Devahuti lost in her pleasures could not realize time passing by. Time calculations are different in that plane. He spent a period of hundred years with her.

Kardama Maharishi was an accomplished being. He was Self-realized. He knew what Devahuti desired. He considered her to be half his body. Through her he begot 9 daughters who were charming and beautiful. They were fragrant with the aroma of red lotuses.

Kardama Maharishi instantaneously recollected his earlier vow. He had vowed that immediately after the birth of progeny, he would leave the house and go away. That’s all! He was ready to take up the life of renunciation (sanyāsi)!

Noticing that her husband was ready to leave home, Devahuti was anxious and agitated. She was filled with limitless sorrow and her eyes were brimming with tears. Even then, the pious chaste woman did not allow the charming smile on her face to get wiped away. She suppressed her grief and controlling her tears continued to smile.

She bent her head, gazing at the floor and wiping the floor with her feet, she gently addressed her husband and hesitantly said, “O Venerable one! You have dutifully abided by the promises made at the time of our marriage. I now surrender to you. Please protect me. Please search for suitable grooms for these daughters of yours. Please get them married”.

Pradyumnāya namah

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