Bhagawatam 196: Mother Suneeti encourages Dhruva to undertake penance

Madhavāya namah

Suneeti said to Dhruva, “My dear son, never wish inauspiciousness for others. In your anger never wish that others should face misfortune. This is because the one who torments others will eventually suffer due to the same sorrow. Please remember this always.

What your step-mother said is absolutely true. You were unfortunate to be born from my womb and raised through my breast milk. The king feels ashamed to even address or accept me as his wife. My son, give up these feelings of hatred. Do exactly as she suggested. If you truly desire that you should obtain an exalted status like your step-brother Uttama, then worship the lotus feet of Lord Srihari, who is invisible to the senses.

Yasyāṅghri-padmaṁ paricarya viśva-Vibhāvanāyātta-guṇābhipatte

Ajo ’dhyatiṣṭhat khalu pārameṣṭhyaṁ Padaṁ jitātma-śvasanābhivandyam

Using the traits of goodness (sattva guna) as a medium, Parabrahma manifests as Vishnu in order to protect the entire universe. Through the means of Prāṇāyāma, great Yogis conquer their mind and meditate upon Him. The birthless Lord Brahma worshipped the lotus feet of this Lord and obtained the most supreme position in this entire creation!

With absolute concentration of mind your grandfather Swāyambhuva Manu performed supreme Yagnas and offered significant dakshina (money) to the priests. Thus he served this Supreme Lord. Due to the Lord’s grace he obtained emperorship over the entire Manvantara (time period), over material and heavenly comforts and most importantly, he obtained liberation.

He could obtain all these purely due to dedicatedly worshipping the Supreme Lord and not through any other means.

Tam eva vatsāśraya bhṛtya-vatsalaṁ Mumukṣubhir mgya-padābja-paddhatim

Ananya-bhāve nija-dharma-bhāvite Manasy avasthāpya bhajasva pūruṣam

My dear son! Srihari loves his devotees as his children. Devotees who seek liberation will be searching for His lotus feet so as to offer services to them. Free your mind from every other thought. Do not let the worldly thoughts to disturb your mental tranquility. Strictly abide by the duties specified for you i.e. our swadharma. Purify your mind. Fill that pure mind completely with the Supreme Lord and thus serve him.

Nānyaṁ tataḥ padma-palāśa-locanād Duḥkha-cchida te mgayāmi kañcana

Yo mṛgyate hasta-ghīta-padmayā Śriyetarair aṅga vimgyamāayā

Dhruva, no matter how hard I think, I am unable to find any other being apart from Srihari who can dispel your sorrow. Srihari alone is your refuge. Desiring wealth, everyone worships Goddess Lakshmi. Such Goddess Lakshmi, holding a lotus in her hand, chases the lotus-eyes Lord Srihari. She serves Him”.

In this way, Suneeti, who was lamenting, spoke auspicious words to her son which were aimed at fulfilling the desired task. Dhruva calmly heard what his mother had said. With firm determination and intelligence, he controlled his mind. He left his father’s kingdom and walked away.

The omniscient Maharishi Narada came to know about the words of wisdom spoken by mother Suneeti and of Dhruva’s decision to leave the city. He was aware of Dhruva’s intention. He understood the feelings of little Dhruva. He was deeply astonished at Dhruva’s firm determination and resolve. He approached Dhruva and while gently touching the boy on his forehead, he thought,

“Isn’t it so astonishing that Kśatriyas cannot withstand even slightest disrespect and dishonor?  He is a little boy, yet is deeply hurt by the harsh words uttered by his step-mother. Unable to tolerate this insult he left his hometown. I will find out his intent and accordingly initiate him”.

He said to Dhruva, “My dear boy, you are like a son to me. At this tender age you should spend your time playing with friends. Why are you affected by insulting words at this little age? I fail to understand this. It is natural for children to quickly forget the insults thrown at them”.

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