Bhagawatam 197: Narada advises Dhruva to return home; Dhruva is firm upon continuing penance

Narada said to Dhruva,

“Vikalpe vidyamāne ’pi na hy asantoṣa-hetava

Puṁso mohamte bhinnā yal loke nija-karmabhiḥ 

Perhaps you are in that state wherein you are unable to forget that insult.  But still, these people and these situations which cause mental disturbance exist within you. They do not have an external existence. Spiritual ignorance is the cause for all sorrows. Based on the prārabdha karma, human beings experience both praises and insults.

Parituṣyet tatas tāta tāvan-mātreṇa pūrua

Daivopasāditaṁ yāvad vīkṣyeśvara-gati budha

My dear son! God’s plays are strange. Based on his past actions the person receives appropriate rewards in the form of destiny. Intelligent persons should realize this and should be content with whatever God has willed for him.

Your behavior however is not in accordance to this rule. Are you planning to abide by your mother’s advice and obtain Srihari’s grace? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to worship Him? It is all the more difficult for ordinary human beings.

For many births, Maharishis remain unattached to society and this world and practice Pranāyāma together with other stringent disciplines. With absolute concentration they search for Srihari. Yet they have not been successful in their attempts.

Ato nivartatām eṣa nirbandhas tava niṣphala

Yatiṣyati bhavān kāle śreyasāṁ samupasthite

Hence please give up this adamancy and go back. You can begin your efforts at a later period of time, when you grow up and when the suitable situation arises in your life.

Yasya yad daiva-vihitaṁ sa tena sukha-duḥkhayo

Ātmānaṁ toayan dehī tamasaḥ pāram cchati

Human beings experience happiness and sorrows purely in accordance to God’s will. Some are joyous while others are grieving. Sometimes a person is happy, and at other times he is unhappy. When a person realizes that he is experiencing the results of his past actions in the form of present experiences, he will be able to cut the knots of ignorance. He will be able to cross this ocean of samsāra (worldly bondages).

Guṇādhikān mudaṁ lipsed anukrośaṁ guādhamāt

Maitrīṁ samānād anvicchen na tāpair abhibhūyate

Upon seeing a person more prosperous than him one should be happy. He should be compassionate towards the less qualified or less prosperous. He should maintain friendship with equals. Such person will never face defeat amidst the three-fold afflictions of life”.

Dhruva now asked Maharishi Narada, “O saint, caught amidst the happiness and sorrows of life, people tend to lose their discriminatory intelligence. O venerable one, keeping in mind such helpless persons you have, with utmost compassion, preached these valuable lessons which bring calmness to the mind.

However, it is far beyond the reach of ordinary people like me. Moreover being a warrior, traits of that community are forcefully ruling me. I am not filled with traits of humility. My heart has been pierced with the sharp words uttered by my step-mother. Hence in my heart which is burning, your words do not bring any solace.

O Mahatma! I seek to obtain that dignified position which is the greatest in all the three worlds. I seek that supreme position which none in the past would have ever obtained. Please preach the path by which I can obtain such position.

Nūnaṁ bhavān bhagavatoyo ’ṅgaja parameṣṭhina

Vitudann aṭate vīāṁ hitāya jagato ’rkavat

O revered saint! You are born from the body of Lord Brahma. Seeking the welfare of the world, holding the Veena in your hands you eternally travel like the Sun. This is the absolute truth” said the little boy.

Maharishi Narada was immensely pleased to hear the words uttered by this small boy. He was happy to know Dhruva’s intention. His heart overflowed with compassion towards Dhruva. He decided that Dhruva should be successful in his mission. Hence he began to initiate Dhruva,

“My dear son, your mother’s preaching will bring immense auspiciousness. Srihari, who resides as the Self in every living being, is itself the goal. Meditate upon Him with absolute concentration.

Dharmārtha-kāma-mokṣākhyaṁya icchec chreya ātmanaḥ

Ekaṁ hy eva hares tatra kāraṇa pāda-sevanam

The person who seeks that the auspiciousness, which exists in the form of dharma, artha, kama and moksha should be obtained by him should necessarily worship the lotus feet of Lord Srihari.

Govindāya namah

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