Bhagawatam 198: Maharishi Narada initiates Dhruva into the sacred mantra

Mādhavāya namah

Maharishi Narada said to Dhurva,

“Dharmārtha-kāma-mokṣākhyaṁya icchec chreya ātmanaḥ

Ekaṁ hy eva hares tatra kāraṇa pāda-sevanam

The person who seeks that auspiciousness, which exists in the form of the four-fold principles of life (puruśārthās), should be obtained by him should necessarily worship the lotus feet of Lord Srihari. This is the only method.

Therefore, my dear son, proceed to Madhuvana forest located on the banks of River Yamuna. It is very pure and clean place. At all times Srihari resides here. May you be blessed with auspiciousness!

Thrice a day bathe in the pure waters of Yamuna. Practice the disciplines of Yama and Niyama to the best of your abilities. Arrange a suitable seat (āsana). Sitting in a suitable Yogic posture, practice Prāṇāyāma coupled with inhalation, exhalation and retention of breath.

With regular practice over a period of time Prāṇa, Apāna and other activities mix in equal proportions. The mind is freed from instability and other defects. The senses reduce their wanderings. In other words, they are now brought under control.

Then, with absolute focus, meditate upon the Supreme Lord Srihari. He is the Lord for the creation and is eternally ready to bless his devotees.

Srihari has pleasing, beautiful eyes. He has a delicate raised nose, beautifully shaped eyebrows and lovely cheeks. In beauty He surpasses all Devatas. He is eternally youthful. His limbs are all pleasing. His eyes and lips are red in colour. He showers comforts. He is the refuge for those who surrender totally. He is an ocean of compassion for those who are worthy of being showered with compassion.

On His chest is the beautiful mark called Srivastsa. His complexion is like a bluish-black cloud. He wears a long Vanamāla garland. He glows with the conch, discus, lotus and mace held in His four hands.

He wears yellow silken clothing around His waist. His golden waistband is decorated with many tiny bells. He wears golden anklets that dazzle brightly. He is the epitome of all beauty! He form is very pleasing and it brings great joy to the mind and to the eye.

His toenails glitter like rubies. Devotees retain these holy feet in the centre of their heart-lotus. He resides in the heart-lotus of such ardent devotees.

His gaze overflows with love and compassion. He is the foremost among those who shower boons. The spiritual aspirant should fix his mind upon this Lord Srihari and thereby control the mind. With absolute concentration, he should meditate upon this form of the Supreme Lord.

Evaṁ bhagavato rūpaṁ subhadraṁ dhyāyato mana

Nirvṛtyā parayā tūraṁ sampannaṁ na nivartate

The mind of the aspirant who meditates exclusively upon this supremely auspicious form of the Lord will quickly be filled with supreme bliss. It will not return back from the object of meditation i.e. the form of the Lord and will continue to remain fixed there.

O Prince! In addition to following these instructions, please chant the mantra that I am now going to preach. By chanting this mantra for seven days, the person can have the darshan of accomplished beings (siddha puruśās) in the sky.

oṁ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya

mantreṇānena devasya kuryād dravyamayīṁ budha

saparyāṁ vividhair dravyair deśa-kāla-vibhāgavit

‘OM’ (Omkāra) is not a mere verbal representation of the Supreme Lord. It teaches the form of the Lord. The Supreme Lord resides in the form of consciousness (chaitanya) within every living being in the creation. To such a Lord, I offer my reverential obeisance. This is the meaning of the mantra Om namo bhagavate vāsudevāya.

The intelligent devotee should know the process of worshipping the Lord according to the different seasons, times and places. In accordance to these situations and seasons, he should worship the Lord with the available materials, while simultaneously chanting the mantra.

He should worship Lord Srihari with pure and clean waters, flower garlands and varied fruits and vegetables that are found in forests. As stipulated by the scriptures, he should offer to Lord Srihari grass (garika), different leaves and most importantly Tulasi leaves, which are most dear to Him.

The devotee should procure an idol made of stone or other metal. If possible, he can prepare his own idol. Alternately Srihari should be worshipped on pure earth or in pure waters. Keeping the mind under control, the devotee should be tranquil and silent. He should control his speech.

He should consume only those fruits or vegetables that are found in the forest. Food intake should be limited quantities.

Out of His own free will, the Supreme Lord Srihari incarnates and performs many divine deeds. The devotee should contemplate upon those divine plays of the Lord.

Paricaryā bhagavato yāvatyaḥ pūrva-sevitā

Tā mantra-hṛdayenaiva prayuñjyān mantra-mūrtaye


Madhavāya namah.

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