Bhagawatam 210: Dhruva conquers death and travels to the abode of Lord Srihari

Dhruva stepped upon death and mounted the celestial plane. Can anyone ever step upon death? Here it should be understood that he conquered death. Death came so as to help him board the celestial airplane.

At that moment Gandharvas beat celestial drums, kettles, trumpets etc. Tumbura and other senior Gandharvas sang melodiously. It rained flowers.

Dhruva, who was about to leave for divine planes, remembered his mother Suneeti. ‘O, I am leaving my helpless mother behind and going to those divine planes which are otherwise impossible to reach’, he thought. Sunanda and Nanda read Dhruva’s thoughts. They showed him the celestial aircraft in which Suneeti was travelling ahead of them on the divine path.

At various places Devatas showered flowers upon Dhruva and praised him. Dhruva’s plane crossed all the planets and was swiftly moving forward. Travelling on the divine path in this celestial plane, Dhruva crossed the three worlds and the constellation of the seven sages (saptarishi mandala). He comfortably arrived at Srihari’s abode which was beyond these planes. In this way he obtained the permanent deathless destination.

Srihari’s abode is Self-illuminating. In its illumination these three worlds illumine. Only those supremely noble meritorious beings who have feelings of compassion towards all forms of life and who involve in auspicious deeds are able to reach this supreme destination. The wicked who have no compassion towards all living beings can never ever reach this place.

Śāntāḥ sama-dṛśaḥ śuddhāḥ sarva-bhūtānu-rañjanāḥ

Yānty añjasācyuta-padam-acyuta-priya-bāndhavāḥ

Those who enjoy a happy, peaceful mind, who see the Supreme Lord as existing everywhere, who possess an absolutely pure mind, who keep all forms of life happy, who consider Srihari and His ardent devotees as their own relatives easily reach this supreme destination.

Dhruva, the son of Uttānapāda, possessed an absolutely pure mind, had unflinching faith towards Srihari reached the final destination known as Srihari’s abode. He shone like a crown jewel for all the three worlds”.

In this way Maitreya Maharishi glorified Dhruva. He then said to Vidura, “Just as a herd of bulls revolve speedily around the central pole in a field where the paddy is being husked, this solar system swiftly and forcefully revolves around this pole star (Dhruva mandala) under whose control it exists.

Impressed by Dhruva’s greatness, Maharishi Narada went to the Satra yāga being conducted by Pracetās and while playing his veena glorified Dhruva as follows,

“Dhruva who was the son of the chaste woman Suneeti , has though intense austerities obtained this ultimate fruit. Even Maharishis, who are exponents in Vedas, are unable to obtain this supreme position as they are unable to undertake inner disciplines and austerities (antaranga sadhana) at par with Dhruva’s efforts. This being the case, is there any specific need to mention that kings cannot obtain this position?

When Dhruva was five years old, the harsh words uttered by his step mother pierced his heart and tormented him badly. Unable to withstand this insult he left for the forest. Heeding my advice he performed intense austerities. Pleasing Srihari is undoubtedly difficult. This Lord yields only to the good, divine traits of his devotees. Dhruva conquered such Lord Srihari and kept Him under his sway.

Even the best emperors of this world are lesser in position when compared to Dhruva. Even after performing intense austerities for many, many years they cannot reach the ultimate abode which Dhruva could obtain. They do not even have the worthiness to seek that abode.

In a short span of 5 to 6 months, the five year old Dhruva, through his devotion, could please the Supreme Lord who resides in the cave of the intellect. He reached Srihari’s abode.’ Narada Maharishi thus extolled Dhruva’s glory.

Maitreya Maharishi continued, “O Vidura, I have now narrated to you the supreme story of Dhruva as asked by you. Noble persons adore and glorify this story.

Dhanyaṁ yaśasya-māyuṣyaṁ puṇya svasty-ayana mahat

Svargyaṁ dhrauvya saumanasyaṁ praśasyam agha-marṣaam

This story of Dhruva bestows prosperity, longevity, good fame. This pure story is the repository of all forms of auspiciousness. This story, which is worthy of repute, blesses the person with heaven, the position of pole star (Dhruva pada) and fills him with godliness. It destroys all sins and fills the mind with happiness.

Srihari has extreme love for Dhruva. Likewise Dhruva loves Srihari very dearly. Therefore those who listen to this story repeatedly with total devotion will be blessed with unflinching devotion towards Srihari.

Due to such devotion, the five mental afflictions of spiritual ignorance (avidya), egoism, likes, dislikes and fear of death will be dissipated.

Mahattvam icchatāṁ tīrthaṁ śrotuḥ śīlādayo guā

Yatra tejas tad icchūnāṁ māno yatra manasvinām

Those who listen to this story will, as per their desire, be blessed with either great wealth or divine splendor (brahmavarchas). Good character and other noble qualities will accrue to them. Those seeking respect will from society will be blessed with it.

Prayataḥ kīrtayet prātaḥ samavāye dvi-janmanām

Sāyaṁ ca puya-ślokasya dhruvasya caritaṁ mahat

The person who seeks to chant this pure story of Dhruva, which is worth glorifying, should chant the same in the assembly of Brahmins both in the morning and evening with great dedication and concentration.

To the best of his ability he should chant this story on days of Full moon, New moon, Dwadasi (12th day of lunar fortnight), during Sravana nakshatra (star), Sankranti, Sunday and Ratha-saptami.

The devotee who has sought complete shelter in those lotus feet of Srihari from which the sacred River Ganga was born, should without any expectations narrate this story to those who are dedicated towards it. Doing so, the person will be filled with inner happiness. Through this he will be established in the Self (atma nishta) and will fulfill the goal of life.

The person who teaches this to people who are unaware of the Supreme Truth and thereby distributes the nectar called ‘knowledge’ is a compassionate person who strives for the well-being of the helpless. Such a person will earn the blessings of the Devatas.

O Vidura! This story of Dhruva is acclaimed in this world. In his childhood he left his mother’s home, rejected his toys and sought shelter under Lord Srihari. I have narrated to you the entire story” said Maitreya Maharishi to Vidura.

With this the twelfth chapter of the fourth canto comes to an end.

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