Datta maata 22: Walk on path specified by Sadguru to reach ultimate destination

Some people say that God exists and few other say that he does not. We have been listening to such arguments everywhere now. Sometimes, we too get doubts about God’s existence. A teacher teaches his science students that the Earth is round. He tells them that people live in America that lies in a straight line to India. The teacher gives explanation that it is the gravitational pull of Earth that makes the people stay in America without falling. He explains them that even though they are upside down, they do not fall down because of the Earth’s gravitational pull. Few students believe the teacher’s words while few others do not. For them to believe, they themselves have to go to America. There is perhaps no other way. Once they see themselves, they will certainly understand.

Similarly, to get rid of the doubts about the existence of God permanently, we must try to see him perfectly. However, it is not so easy. If we wish to go to America, we obtain the passport, VISA; ask others about the flight charges, etc. Likewise, to experience God, we must follow the path that Sadgurus followed and with their help, we must practice and follow the righteous (dharmic) path. We must not go in the way we want. We cannot argue about going to America without passport, VISA or without taking flight. We cannot go by bus. That is not possible. Those who want to go independently without the help of anybody cannot reach the goal.

You must practice in the way the experienced persons tell you. Only then, you can get the realization. You cannot argue saying that, ‘I will do as I wish’, ‘I will follow only this mantra’, ‘I do not need a Guru’ and so on. If you do so independently, you will not get to know the way. Instead, you can listen to the experienced persons and better yourself in it. Without leaving the friendship of experienced persons, if you share their experience and follow the path, then you can definitely reach the goal.

Instead if you argue that you do not need passport, VISA or flight, you cannot go to America. Same is the case with the spiritual practice. One cannot argue saying that, ‘Why should I do only this?’ Why should I do these many lakhs of mantra?’ ‘Will I reach God only if I do these many vratas (austerities)?’ If you argue so and do as you wish, you can never realize God. Sadgurus will teach the disciples the way they adopted. They will narrate their experiences to their friends and fellow human beings. If we follow them, we will reach the goal we want to. Otherwise, we cannot.

In the spiritual life, by following Guru, we must trust each and every word of him. If we follow each and every step of Guru, we can experience the true bliss and realize God. Only then you will grow spiritually and can certainly see God.

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