Datta maata 40: Discarding luxuries and sleep intensify your dedication

Each and every kind of education has its own way. The various walks of life are just like the different forms of education. These days, in order to obtain the B.A (Bachelor of Arts) degree, one has to study for 4 hours in a day. But, one who aspires to become an IAS officer must study at least for 12 hours a day. At present, we see that there is a huge competition in the field of education. This is also good. Our elders say “Vidya turānām na sukham na nidra”. This means that those who neglect the pleasures, sleep and concentrate totally on studies will get good education. Education comes to only those who struggle day and night. Else it will not.

Sage Bharadwaja is one of the strongest personalities amongst all the sages. But, we must also remember that he was a very great student. While he was obtaining his education, after finishing his part of studies, he asked his Guru whether he had completed the education or not. Then Guru told him that not even a small portion has been completed. Instead, he told Bharadwaja that only if he is born again with a long life, he can complete his study in Vedas. Bharadwaja did penance with strong determination. Indra appeared and blessed him with longevity in this lifetime itself. He again continued to study Vedas. Once again, he understood that he could not complete the study. So, he once again did penance to please Indra. This happened thrice.

On the fourth time, Indra appeared and blessed him with a lifetime of 1000 years and questioned him how he would utilize it. Bharadwaja told about his strong resolve to study the Vedas. Then, Indra showed three sandy hills and told him that they are analogous to the limitless Vedas. Further, he took out three fistfuls of sand from the three hills and compared them to the study that Bhardawaja has done. If the Vedas are infinite, then the study of Bharadwaja is so infinitesimal. This shows us the vastness of Vedas. Bharadwaja now understood the essence of Vedas and offered prostrations to Indra. Then, Indra blessed Bharawaja and told that a student must be like him because he possesses a strong determination. With such a strong will, any education will appear lucid and it will lead to victory. Such a student will develop innovative ways of thinking too. Indra then taught “Savitri vidya” to Bharadwaja and also told him that he has no further need to study because he can now visualize the divine hymns. He further blessed that Bharadwaja will become famous as “Mantra drasta” and left the place. Bharadwaja remained as a student forever and helped the world. Taking him as the role model, hope that both the children and elders will obtain good education. May you all become well versed in education!

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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