Datta maata 41: Develop unflinching devotion towards your Guru and God

There is no fear when one possesses jnana (knowledge). It is good. There is an age old adage that says: A full pot does not spill. A person with complete jnana has no fear at all. Only a person who has half knowledge faces all kinds of troubles.

There was a disciple named Deepaka who had the jnana that his everything is his Guru. With such jnana, he never succumbed to any desire or greediness. Few thought Deepaka’s devotion to be madness. It is very common to think so. But few others thought it was good to have such devotion.

Even Hari, Hara and Brahma also felt very happy for his devotion towards Guru. One day, Brahma himself came to Deepaka and asked him to wish for some boon. But, Deepaka humbly rejected saying that he needs nothing and sent away Brahma. Later, Shiva also came and he too asked him to pray for a boon. Deepaka rejected once again and sent away Shiva. This time, Vishnu came and tried to convince Deepaka in many ways but he did not have any agitation in the mind. Vishnu got irritated and he too left the place. In this way, Deepaka rejected the boons that Trimurthis were about to give. No person can be like him. He had no fear at all. Usually, when mahatmas offer boons, we fear to reject them because they may curse instead. But, Deepaka had no such fears because his everything was his Guru. Such jnana did not leave his mind even when the Trimurthis descended down to grant him boons. Secondly, he did not have wavering in his mind. Hence, he became eligible for Guru’s grace. Trimurthis blessed him with several boons happily.

Hence, a seeker, if possesses stable jnana like Deepaka will definitely receive the blessings of the Gods. We also must possess such jnana. Devotion towards Guru should be unwavering. That devotion is like a pure crystal. Guru is everything. One must keep on recollecting in the mind that Guru is the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and he is the Parabrahma. We must strongly believe that the happiness and sorrow is also Guru. He is the foundation for all kinds of education. There is no education without Guru. It can be any field and not merely the spiritual field. Even in this worldly life, we need a Guru to learn driving. Someone has to guide even to operate a screw driver. We might have learnt it all by ourselves, but here our own heart is our Guru. So, even here there is an importance for Guru. You have learnt it by seeing someone else or listening to someone or by reading it somewhere or because someone has told you. That source is your Guru. Even though you do not have a Guru directly, by seeing, by listening or by reading, by experiencing, you learn. That itself is the Guru. When we practice such devotion, victory will definitely be ours.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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