Datta maata 44: Time is a precious gift bestowed by God

Kālāya tasmai namaḥ! Arjuna who saw the Vishwaroopa felt happy but at the same time, he succumbed to great fear. With such fear in his mind, he asked Vishwaroopa Sree Krishna that he is unable to see his form. He asked Krishna who he is and how to understand him. Krishna answered that his form is nothing but kāla (time) and that he absorbs everything into him. God blessed us with so many things. Most valuable amongst them is the time. Those who understand the principle of time can achieve anything. Many waste time and lose.

Long ago, there lived a king. He went for a jungle to hunt. There, he found an old man who was cutting the wooden logs. Seeing him, the king mercifully went to him and talked to him. That old man told about his hardships – that no one takes care of him and that he lives alone. The king, out of compassion, gave the old man a piece of land for agriculture near the forest in charity. That forest had big sandalwood trees as well. The king left the place after doing his charity.

Two-three years passed by. The king once again went to the jungle for hunting. Once again, he saw the old man cutting the wooden logs. The king was surprised to see him. He sent out his army, called the old man and asked him about the land he has given and why he has not undertaken any agriculture over there. The king opined that the old man can live happily by doing agriculture in that piece of land instead of working hard cutting the logs. Then the old man replied that he could not plough the land that the king has given because of the presence of valuable trees over there. He felt very sad to cut the trees and sell them. But, instead he destroyed the trees, burnt them and sold the ash obtained thereafter. He also told that the money obtained by selling the ash is spent away and hence he has once again taken up the task of cutting the logs. The king then worriedly told the old man that those trees were the sandalwood trees and by selling them, even his future generations could have lived happily. The king felt sad for the ignorance of the old man who wasted a golden opportunity.

Let us think for a while. The king named ‘God’ has given us valuable sandalwood trees called ‘time’. We must understand whether to utilize it properly or to waste it like ashes. This time is like kalpavruksha (wish yielding tree). We can even attain salvation with this kalpavruksha. We can do our spiritual practice to any extent and utilize it for anything good. Hence, do not destroy and waste time. It is much valuable than the sandalwood trees. In short, you must cash this time. Hope you will understand better. It is good and can be used for anything.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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