Datta maata 43: Be cautious when entertaining desires

We must carefully pray for our desires. Any work we do yields results. Not just a work, even a thought has some result. Hence, the scriptures suggest us to change our thinking process. Only few accept that our thoughts also lead to some results. Every action has its own reaction. This means that every work will have its own result. Since a thought is the one that involves the intellect, it too yields some results. To understand this very easily, we must discuss about a folk story.

On his way, a traveler reached an open ground. Since he was walking in the sun, he wanted to take rest for a while because he was completely tired and sweaty. Surprisingly, there was a tree in that ground. The traveler wanted to rest under the tree. He sat there for a while. After sometime, he felt very happy seeing the beauty of the tree and wished for a cot to rest. That tree under which he sat is ‘Kalpavruksha’, a wish yielding tree. He does not know that. Soon, a cot appeared over there because of the power of the Kalpavruksha. The traveler happily saw the cot and rested on it. He later wished for a beautiful lady to press his feet. Again, with the influence of Kalpavruksha, a beautiful lady appeared immediately and pressed his feet. His joy knew no bounds. After a while, he felt hungry. He wished for a grand feast. As soon as he wished, he was granted the wish. He ate the dishes to his heart’s content. Later, he recollected all the surprising incidents that happened till then. At once, he thought what would happen if a tiger suddenly comes and eats him. Within no time, a tiger came and ate him.

Usually, the situation of many of us is like that. God grants us all that we want. But, it is our responsibility to avoid the thoughts like that of a big tiger. The ego itself is the biggest tiger. If it finds its way in our thoughts, it will not only wash away the riches but also our intellect too. We must remember this every time. We must purify our thoughts every now and then. We must not forget that our thoughts get transformed into our actions. We must only wish for noble desires and avoid the bad thoughts. Wishing is also a great fortune. It is like a dream. Sometimes, when all our wishes are fulfilled, we get bad thoughts easily. Just because something good has happened, you wish for something else which is actually bad and it will happen just like the Kalpavruksha has fulfilled. Hence, we can be successful if an only if our thoughts are pure and correct.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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