Datta maata 47: The ultimate goal of dharma is to prevent extinction of human race.

Dharma is the same in any eon (Yuga). It does not change. The quality of dharma is to protect the human race. A unified form of hundred external procedures also cannot explain about the form of Dharma. Hence, we must forget other dharma and instead follow the dharma that protects human race. Protecting the human race is itself a dharma. Let us discuss about few signs that guide us when we are doubtful about dharma at the time of adversity.

A dharma is something that does not destroy the human race. A dharma that supports the survival of man is the best of dharmas. Remember this. Hence, killing one self or others is a greatest sin. The first and last work that dharma does is protection of the human race.

Hence, we say this is the quality of dharma. In order to follow dharma, there should be certain external practices. But, such practices must not harm the basic idea or inspiration that dharma stands for. Lord Vyasa, Adi Shankara, Jesus and others have purified the society and brought new list of regulations to be followed. They are all indeed great. There are many such stories. But none have declared that they have designed a new system of rules. If someone says so, it is really not the right one. Mahatmas have only told the people that dharma is ancient but the way of interpretation is wrong. They only taught us that we have misunderstood the dharma. Instead, they never brought new dharma or so. They brought dharma into the lives of people in various forms just like we use sugar in different dishes. In this way, they only tried to transform the way dharma is followed but they never ever changed the foundation concept of dharma.

Dharma is that which increases the humanity in people. This is the dharma of humans.

The nature of it is to wish good for every other person even if he himself has to face adversities. Humanity is that which consists of sacrificing of oneself for the well-being of others.

The dharma that you follow must not cause you to develop hatred towards anybody. You must be careful.

To understand this, we must understand well about the desires and anger that destroy the dharma. Another form of desire is selfishness. Desire can destroy dharma in a person.  However anger has the potential to destroy the dharma of the entire human race. Hence, it is important to say that dharma must never foster hatred. With the grace of Datta, who is an embodiment of dharma, may you all get the energy to tread the path of Dharma!

There are many people who are talking about dharma under different names and taglines. However, they cannot change the form of dharma. No mahatma has discovered any new dharma.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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