Datta maata 48: Improper, evil traditions should immediately be discarded

There are many rules that are prescribed by scriptures. Out of them, many of them are our customs that have been passed to us since many generations. But, many a time, when the future generations implement such customs, there is a possibility of contradiction. At the time of calamity, our elders might have committed some mistakes knowingly. For instance, India was occupied by foreigners and they ruled her for hundreds of years. The life of people became highly disorganized. It became very difficult to follow the customs and traditions. Hence, our elders had to sacrifice certain rules of dharma and adopt temporary rules (dharma at the time of crisis). In this way there are two possibilities.

One is sacrificing the prescribed dharma and adopting newer dharma at the time of crisis. The second possibility is that the selfish minded people might have rejected the procedures followed by our elders and they would have implemented some other new procedures for their benefit. Few people might have given new customary methods to the society by the nature of their position, education etc. There is also a possibility that our customs might have become contradictory because of this.

When the fetus is unhealthy, then it must be removed from the womb of the mother. Else it will cause harm to the life of the mother. By doing so, either the mother or the family will not get the sin of killing the fetus. Similarly, if the traditions that are followed from generations together appear conflicting, then we need not follow them. We definitely do not incur sin by sacrificing them. Instead if such customs are practiced, then it might become hazardous to the health of the society at large. Hence, it is advisable to immediately leave such evil customs and traditions. However, we must never try to give up the customs just because we have some innovative idea. Similarly, we need hang on to the evil customs. We must instead try to develop affection towards the rightly followed customs. This is our duty. 

With the grace of the primordial Guru Lord Datta, may all the humans get the energy to support and follow dharma. We must not convert the customs according to our whims and fancies. At the same time, when a custom is followed foolishly and we are struck with problems as a result of that, then we may act accordingly. You should not give up completely.

Assume that you are ill because of a disease. You do not even possess the energy to bathe or meditate. When you are hale and hearty but do not meditate, go to temple, ponder over spirituality, then it cannot be called dharma. It is not the timely dharma. It is sin. There is exemption only in few situations. But, we take such exemptions as per our convenience. If the climate is very cold and you suffer from body pains, you need not get up at 5 am. You may sleep till 7 am. But, when the climate is good, you sleep till 8 am. How can this be called dharma (righteousness)? It is adharma (unrighteousness)! Let us discuss later in detail.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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