Datta Maata 49: Unity within team members is crucial for success

We yield good results only if we remain united. Let us discuss about an example now.

When Sree Rama was in search of Sita devi, Hanuamn became his devotee and Sugriva, his friend. With the friendship of Sugriva, Sree Rama had obtained a big army. Sree Rama could find out many new things by sending the army in different directions. By sending Hanuman, Sree Rama almost won over Lanka and Sita devi obtained great respite from grief. All this had happened only because of the united work of humans and the vanaras (monkeys). Everyone knows Ramayana. There can’t be anyone who does not know about it.

When Sree Rama started for victorious journey towards Lanka along with the vanaras, the ocean objected their way. For Sree Rama, who is capable of ferrying us from the samsara (cycle of births and deaths), crossing this ocean was not at all difficult. There is happiness only in doing our work/duty. Sree Rama knows this. Hence, he requested the God of ocean to make way for him. He then told Sree Rama to build a bridge across it with the help of Nala and Neela. This was the boon Sree Rama got. He further stated that he will take care of the bridge such that it does not collapse. He stood by his words. When all of us remain united, even impossible things will become possible. Many chiefs of the vanara sena helped in the construction of the bridge other than Nala and Neela. The bridge was constructed in very few days. The role of Hanuman and Vibhishana at the time of war cannot be forgotten. That war between Sree Rama and Ravana cannot be described in words. It is so amazing. They have rendered their help tremendously for Sree Rama and made him emerge victorious. With their help, entry into Lanka became very easy. In order to protect Sree Rama and Lakshmana, who remove the sufferings of the world; Garuthmanatha descended down to render his help. Indra sent his vehicle, Matali and offered his help to Sree Rama. Sage Agastya blessed him with Aditya Kavacha and indirectly propelled Sree Rama towards victory. With the help of so many people, Sree Rama destroyed the sufferings of the world and upheld dharma.

We remember a proverb – United, we remain happy. Each and every one must read Ramayana. There are many role models for us in it. Following Ramayana will make this entire world happy. This is the wonderful message that Ramayana gives us. Many neglect reading it. But, Ramayana teaches lessons for our life. IT teaches us that only if we remain united, we get good results.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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