Datta maata 56: Use every second to reach the other shore called liberation.

Time is very precious. We should not waste even a second. It is highly valuable. Our elders often tell us to utilize the available time judiciously. We read the same in books too. It is very fine with people who have this sense but those who do not have it are quite dubious. They only want to enjoy the life and are least bothered about anything else. There is a beautiful story to convince such set of people.

A boat was ready to ferry. Meanwhile, a bird landed from somewhere on the sail of the boat. The boat ferried into midway of the ocean. The bird flew into air, saw a particular direction and assumed it to be east and continued to fly to find the shore. Nevertheless, it did not find the shore even after a long time. Then, it understood that it is not moving towards the east direction and hence flew backwards towards the boat and sat once again on the sail of it. It then looked towards another direction and assuming to be west, flew again. Once again, despite flying far distances, it did not find the shore. It could only find water all around. So, it learnt that it is not the west direction. As usual, it came back to the sail of the boat and sat on its position. The bird tried its best by going in all the four directions but soon had to come back every time failing to find the shore. While the bird tried to find the shore, the boat reached the shore. The bird happily flew into the sky.

Here, the bottom line is about the “efforts” that we put in. Despite being in the midway of the ocean, the bird tried many a time to reach the shore. But, it never actually could. Similarly, a man is also entangled in the ocean of samsāra (cycle of births and deaths). Keeping aside about reaching the shore, he is not even putting any basic efforts and offering prayers to God. One must never restrain from putting in human efforts. Many do not consider it. They simply remain idle without any effort. Some or the other day, we must reach the shore called ‘moksha’ (salvation).

Hence, without wasting time, man must ascend the boat called ‘God’ and hold on to the sail called ‘God’s names’. Only then, God will make us reach the shore.
God is somehow making us travel in this life. Just like the bird, we are trying to do something by wasting precious time, money and other resources. This is not good. It is mere waste of time. The bird reached the mid of the ocean. It had no compass. By merely holding onto the sail of the boat, it reached the shore. Likewise, we never know towards which direction the samsāra will drag us. We must surrender to God, who is our boat to cross the ocean called samsāra.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!


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