Datta maata 57: Difference between Para-jnana and Apara-jnana

There are two types of needs – temporal and spiritual. The jnana (knowledge) or intellect with which one fulfills the temporal worldly needs is known as “Apara jnana”. The main goals of those who work to fulfill such needs are only to amass wealth and remain happy. They adopt several methods for that. Contrary to this, the intellect that is used to attain permanent happiness is known as “Parā jnana”. Those who put efforts to attain such jnana have no need for money. We know this.

But, in this Kali Yuga, it is the other way round. The scholars are earning money by selling the temporal and spiritual knowledge that they possess. It is very rare to find even a single person who has any interest in other’s benefit. This is the power of money and Kali Yuga.

There are two other important aspects that the seekers must observe here. We must understand that the reason behind contrariety is this Kali Yuga and that this world runs on money. Hence, it is an absolute mistake to cultivate feelings of hatred on the culprits. We only intensify our feelings of hatred towards such people. Instead, we never try to correct the mistakes in them. Even if mistakes happen, we must understand that it is because of the kāla (time). Many people commit mistakes unknowingly. It is merely the play of the God of Time. We must remind ourselves time and again that God makes such mistakes happen only to divert us towards the eternal principle of Time. Only the spiritual seekers can understand such concepts. There is also another important aspect that seekers must observe. The money and resources obtained through the worldly means carry least significance. Hence, one must never show interest towards those who wish to attract and teach about the sacred knowledge for money. Many people teach Yoga for money. They sell mantras, yantras, etc. We must be extremely careful.

Swamiji is telling us a secret to achieve Para jnana. That is “Parārthāsakti”. It is the interest that one has to help others. By sacrificing selfishness, one must utilize the entire energy to help others. We need not accumulate any external energy for this. It is enough to simply utilize the energy that God has given to us naturally. The question here is not about the number of energies you have utilized for the sake of others. It is about the interest that you show to help others. This is very important. I pray Lord Datta to bless you all with such wisdom.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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