Datta Maata 60: What is Guru dakshina?

Let us learn about the concept of Guru dakshina (offering made to Guru) with the respect to worldly and spiritual education. In the worldly life, the comfort levels between the Guru and student denote Guru dakshina. Hence, based on the mutual understanding, the Guru (teacher) is paid by the government and stipend is given to the student. How strange! Coming to the spiritual field, one has to undergo many obstacles during the process of sadhana (spiritual practice). The scriptures proclaim that the interest that the disciple exhibits towards overcoming difficulties encountered can be considered as Guru dakshina. In today’s world, just like in business, there is heavy competition even in the field of education. Currently, we see people being lured by advertisements like “we provide good education for high fees” or “we provide very good education for a nominal fee”, so on and so forth. In this way, such groups are increasing their strength and money. Simultaneously, they are increasing the competition for earning money. In order to avoid all such mess, elders have decided that government must play a role to decide the Guru daksina. When the government itself decides, they need not collect fees from the students.

Guru dakshina does not only take the form of money because when such a method of offering Guru dakshina is implemented without any rules, not everybody can be happy in the society. Hence, society must receive knowledge through education, service and humility. Disciple must never give up facing the obstacles and he must persistently go on with his spiritual practice. At the same time, Guru must have the belief upon the disciple that he would work hard to do the sadhana. When this happens, Guru will not care for any hard work that he has to put in for the sake of the disciple. The Guru only wants the disciple to do the spiritual practice and attain the pinnacle of spirituality. He considers this itself as the Guru dakshina. This is the quality of a spiritual Guru. Making Guru happy is the quality of a good disciple.

In today’s society, we must design the relationship between Guru and disciple in such a way that there is a balance between the worldly and the spiritual education. May this message reach the hearts of the intellectuals and let the relationship between Guru and disciple prosper in the society causing mutual benefits. When there is a mutual understanding in the field of education, then education reaches all. It is not just about merely opening schools and sending children to them. With a proper code of conduct and without expecting any fees from the students, the government must develop the sector of education. This is the real asset of the country. Any asset can be stolen except education. Any amount of money will go away but education cannot. May Lord Datta bless everyone with such intellect and enlightenment! The government must take care such that the worldly education also reaches all just like the spiritual education reaches to the disciples from the Sadguru.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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