Bhagawatam 146: Kardama Prajāpati seeks permission from son Kapila Maharishi and leaves for forests.

Aniruddhāya namah

Seeing the infant, Lord Brahma said, “Srihari, the primordial being and the Lord who fulfills all desires of every living being, has using His own illusory powers, taken on a body and has incarnated as your son Kapila.

O daughter of Manu! This Lord who possesses golden hair, lotus eyes, lotus feet, who has the imprints of lotus on his feet and who is the destroyer of demon Kaitabhasura, has entered your womb and incarnated as Kapila.

He will shred the subtle impressions of past actions (vasanas) in those living beings who are desirous of understanding Srihari through Self-knowledge and who, through the Yoga known as dedication towards the Self, aim at reaching Him. Vāsanas are the root for all fruitive actions. They are responsible for binding the living entity. Shredding spiritual ignorance and tearing the knot of doubts i.e. the hridaya granthi in those who are desirous of Self-realization, he will travel across the globe.

This boy will be the Lord of all accomplished beings (siddha gaṇā). Sānkhya Shastra proves and validates Supreme Knowledge. He will be highly revered by exponents of Sānkhya Shastra. He will be famous as Kapila and will enhance your fame”.

Having said this, Lord Brahma left for his abode seated on his Swan vehicle. Maharishis Narada, Sanaka and other eminent saints followed him.

Thereafter Kardama Prajāpati offered his daughters in marriage to other Prajāpatis in accordance with the directions of Lord Brahma.

His daughter Kala was married to Maharishi Marichi, Anasuya to Maharishi Atri, Shraddha to Maharishi Angirasa, Havirbhava to Maharishi Pulastya, Gati to Maharishi Pulaha, Kriya to Maharishi Kratu, Khyāti to Maharishi Bhrigu, Arundhati to Maharishi Vashishta and Shanti to Maharishi Atharva. It is because of Shanti that all Yagnas attain prosperity.

Kardama Maharishi gave plenty of gifts to the newlyweds and pleased them. The saints, who were satisfied, took permission from Maharishi Kardama and together with their wives went to their respective hermitages.

After all of them had left, in a secluded place Kardama Maharishi approached his son Kapila, who was none other than the Supreme Lord, who makes himself visible only in the three Yugas and who is replete with the six auspicious traits.

He offered his obeisance to the Lord and said, “How astonishing! After such a long period of time, in this hellish samsāra where living beings suffer tremendously, the Devatas have obtained happiness. This is undoubtedly true.

Due to relentless practice of the discipline called Yoga across many births, Yoga becomes firmly established in the aspirant. As a result, the mind of the aspirant becomes completely pure. He will then sit in meditation in an isolated place, trying to obtain a vision of Lord Srihari.

Sa eva bhagavān adya helanaṁ na gaṇayya na

Gṛheu jāto grāmyāāṁ yaḥ svānā paka-poaa 

The Supreme Lord is always by the side of his sincere devotees. He eternally strengthens them. For this reason, leaving the company of accomplished yogis and without even hesitating that He would lose his respect, He has today taken birth in the home of ignorant people like us.

O Lord! You enhance the glory of your devotees. In order to propagate Sānkhya Shastra in this world and in order to fulfill the promise that You had earlier given to me, You have incarnated in my home. O Lord, inherently You are devoid of any form. Nevertheless, all those forms that are dear to your devotees are also dear to You!

You are that Divine Lord whose lotus feet are eternally worshipped by learned scholars who seek to know the Absolute Truth. You are the Lord endowed completely with the six traits of prosperity, fame, knowledge, dispassion, strength and beauty. I surrender totally to You!

Paraṁ pradhānaṁ puruṣaṁ mahāntaṁ kālaṁ kavi tri-vta loka-pālam

Ātmānubhūtyānugata-prapañcaṁ  svacchanda-śaktiṁ kapila prapadye

You are beyond Nature (Prakriti). You are the form of Nature which is the material cause (upadāna) for this entire creation. Mahat tattva i.e. cosmic intelligence; time that causes turbulence in this cosmic intelligence; egoism along with three attributes of goodness, passion and ignorance as well as Indra and all other Devatas are Your manifestations. You are omniscient. You are a witness for all the changes that take place in Nature. With Your own will You create the universe and then absorb it back into You. All the various energies reside within You. In You, O Bhagawan Kapila, I seek refuge.

You are the Lord of all living beings. O Lord, I seek your permission. As You are born as my son, I am freed from all types of indebtedness (ruṇam). With your blessings all my desires have been fulfilled. I am now going to take up sanyāsa ashrama. Focusing my mind wholly upon You, I will be peaceful and happy”.

Kapila Bhagawan was immensely pleased to hear these words. He said, “In all worldly as well as spiritual actions, My words are law. They are the authoritative dictates for all beings. Only to fulfill my promise to you, I was born as your son.

The subtle body binds the ignorant persons who have an impure mind. In order to free oneself from this bondage, it is imperative to have the discretionary wisdom of the Supreme Essence. Only through this, Self-realization can be attained. Only to impart the knowledge of this Supreme Essence (tattva) I have incarnated now.

Eṣa ātma-patho ’vyakto naṣṭa kālena bhūyasā

Taṁ pravartayitu deham imaṁ viddhi mayā bhtam

This path of liberation known as Self-knowledge is the most secretive one. It is subtle. Due to the passage of time, it has simply vanished. Understand that I have taken on this body purely to re-establish it back in this world.

I am permitting you to take up sanyāsa. Leave fearlessly. Although it is difficult to conquer death and obtain liberation, it can be attained by offering all actions to Me. Along with this, worship Me.

Mām ātmānaṁ svayaṁ-jyotiḥ sarva-bhūta-guhāśayam

Ātmany evātmanā vīkṣya viśoko ’bhayam ṛcchasi 

I am Self-effulgent. I am the one who resides within the cave called the intellect (buddhi) of every being. Using your intellect see Me as the Self (atma) that resides within you. Your grief will be dispelled in totality. You will be blessed with the ultimate liberation.

I will impart the knowledge of the Self to mother. She too will cut through all these bondages and will be freed from this fear called cycle of re-births”.

Kardama Prajāpati took the permission of his son Kapila. In immense happiness he circumambulated around Lord Kapila and left for the forests.

Aniruddhāya Namah.

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