Datta Maata 65: Love, devotion and enquiry lead towards God

Love, devotion and enquiry were the inherent qualities of Sage Upamanyu. We can find them in his life if we read his life history. The family of Upamanyu was very poor. In his childhood, when his mother gave him pudding made out of flour and water instead of milk, the little Upamanyu recognized that it was not the actual pudding and in fact it was flour mixed with water. The mother then told the child that they do not possess cows. Then, little Upamanyu asked her who gives the cows. Mother replied that it is God alone who gives everything. Immediately, Upamanyu asked where he (God) resides. Mother told that he resides in the hearts of those who contemplate upon him.

The next moment, Upamanyu prostrated to his mother and started to meditate Shiva in solitude. Shiva wanted to test him. So, he appeared to Upamanyu in the guise of Indra and asked him to pray for any wish. The lad realized that he was not Shiva based on his mother’s description about the appearance of Shiva. He also asked why he had come when he actually called out for Shiva. He even rejected the boons that the Lord was about to give and sat again to continue the penance. Such is his unwavering devotion! Shiva was glad to find out that the concentration of Upamanyu is on him. Hence, Lord Shiva directly gave his darshan and blessed Upamanyu. Shiva gave him a boon that he would appear in front of him whenever he calls out. Also, he blessed Upamanyu that the ocean of milk will flow right in front of him if he wishes for. He was blessed with immortality and was also blessed that he would have no grief at all. Finally, Shiva blessed Upamanyu with union into him at the end of Kalpa (unit of time). By the several boons of Shiva, Upamanyu was thus blessed. In this way, Upamayu seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva left for Himalayas and immersed in the contemplation of Shiva to do severe penance

In Dwapara Yuga (eon of Dwapara), Lord Krishna came to Upamanyu, served him and grasped the principle of Shiva. He pleased Shiva and obtained progeny. It is only because of Upamanyu that he understood the Shiva Sahasranama stotra (the hymns of Shiva with 1000 names). Sri Krishna later taught the same to Dharmaraja, eldest of the Pandavas. Sage Upamanyu was engrossed in the worship of Lord Shiva. He was the treasure house of Vedas and Science. He lived till the end of kalpa. He became popular as the Guru of Sri Krishna. He could become so great only because of his constant enquiry about God, immense love and devotion towards him. Hence, when we inculcate such qualities, we too can become like him. The story of Upamanyu is the greatest example. We have learnt about concentration and determination. If devotion, love and true faith are coupled to them, then we will be blessed by the grace of Upamanyu.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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