Datta Maata 64: Excessive talking leads to downfall.

Excessive talking is not good at any point of time. It will cause lot of problems. Many talk extremely like a chatter box. We need to be careful.

In a village, there lived a woodcutter. He used to sell wood for his livelihood. He had the bad habit of taking excessively about the unnecessary matters neglecting the important issues. He keeps on babbling to the person on the way till the latter puts an end to his talking. Few are like that. They keep on chattering. People try to escape from such chatter boxes by catching some other way. Same was the case with the wood cutter. People ran away seeing his arrival.

One day, the woodcutter went to forest for wood. On his way, he saw a skull. He was thrilled to see it. Hence, he took it into his hands and continued walking. Meanwhile, he heard the noise of laughing from somewhere around. He looked around and found nobody. So, he continued with his walk. He hardly walked 2-3 steps. Once again, he heard the sound of laughing. Finally, he understood that it was the skull that was laughing. He was surprised. He asked the skull why it was laughing. He was a chatter box and had no fear to ask anything. The skull then told him to forget the matter of laughing and instead asked him to identify the reason for its lying down. The woodcutter asked the same. The skull replied that it was because of excessive talking. Saying so, it kept quiet. The woodcutter felt like sharing his strange experience with the King. So, he immediately went to him. At that time, the king was very busy with some important appointment. The woodcutter hurriedly went to the king and showed the skull that he carried in his hands. The king looked at him in exasperation. The woodcutter immediately told the king that the skull talks. The king ordered him to make the skull talk right in front of him.
The woodcutter tried in many ways to make it talk. Despite his efforts, the skull neither laughed nor opened its mouth. The irritated king, who had left all his important works aside giving time to listen to the skull, became annoyed. He immediately looked at the soldiers and ordered them to chop off the woodcutter’s head. The soldiers did so and threw away his skull and head in the forest. After everybody left, the skull of woodcutter could now understand why it is lying on the floor in the form of a skull. The woodcutter’s skull understood this. By excessively chattering and by indulging in unnecessary talk has made it so. Hence, excessive talk and engaging in irrespective matters is not good. Many talk continuously even if there is no meaning in it. They talk on till the other person gets headache. We may not face the same as in the story but the people around us will suffer. We must be careful.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!


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