Datta maata 25: Elders should always lead by example

As the children grow, it becomes difficult for the parents to handle them. Their minds undergo strange transformations. Why does this happen? The question here is that as the children get older, why does it become difficult to handle them? It should have been otherwise. As the students grow up, it is very difficult for the teachers to teach them as well. They ask many questions. It is not just that. If we send the children to college for pursuing education, they also get lured by many other fields. As soon as they enter into college, their mind becomes broad. What is the reason behind this? This is the second question. Their minds get diverted to different areas other than education. Similarly, in spiritual practice, as the disciples grow higher, it becomes difficult for the Gurus to maintain them in that path. They read different kinds of books. Even if mahatmas talk about the important subjects like Vedanta, people are busy doing archana (worship) – the small spiritual practices. Despite learning about Vedanta, people go behind archana, pooja etc. Why is this so? This is the third question.

The answer to all the above three questions is one and only one. Every being will acquire certain attributes after birth. The effects of such attributes do not leave the mind and it follows the soul in the future births as well. This is called ‘samskāra’ or ‘vāsana’. This samskara attracts humans to different fields. As the man becomes older, the power of the samskāra becomes stronger. If the samskāra is bad (dussamskāra), then its power is much stronger. Hence, it is difficult to teach the children at home, at school or at temple going against the bad attributes. However, a person always has an opportunity for freedom irrespective of the power of samskāra.

Sadgurus utilize this opportunity and teach their disciples, good lessons. One must have good expertise to utilize the opportunity at hand. Scolding forcibly will not change the samskāra and instead there are chances of opposing. Our elders have observed this a lot.

Hence, mahatmas descend down from their level and teach the people around by doing the tasks that ordinary persons are ought to. As a result, the disciples get inspired and they too follow their footsteps. Here, the samskāra of the disciples gets surrendered through love. Hence, the results are permanent and sweet at the same time. Sadgurus struggle a lot for their disciples to get the profit.

The behavior of a person depends on the samskāra. Hence, there is no use of forcing anybody to change their behavior. We must show the good results directly by taking up the tasks for ourselves. If we do so, it will attract the samskāra and bestow auspiciousness. Hence, the elders must try to first follow and lead by example. Irrespective of the field, all the leaders, Gurus, teachers and all those who teach about good must lead others by example.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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