Datta maata 26: Who is valourous (veera)?

In many stories, the heroes are said to be very brave. Usually, all of them appear very attractive and valorous externally. But, what is the true meaning of valor? It is not merely waving the sword. It is in fact related to many virtues like compassion, charity, dharma (righteousness) and bravery in battlefield. There are many sub divisions in valor. Just like there are many upa nava rasās (sub divisions in nine attributes), the valor too is classified in a similar fashion.

Waving sword indicates bravery. How can one become a yuddha vēra (one fights a battle bravely), just because one has killed hundreds of people? Those who possess infinite compassion and uphold righteousness to protect the people by sacrificing their own lives are said to be valorous. Many people keep on saying, “I will do service even if I lose my life?” They do not know their own duty properly. How will they do service after they die?

Similarly, those people who have lost their assets cannot be called charitable. It is not so. One who offers help to others by offering oneself with a broad perspective only must be called dāna vēra (valorous). One who lost the assets for helping others is the true dāna vēra. Likewise, for daya (compassion) and dharma (righteousness), the traits of selflessness and sacrifice are very important. Remember this very well.

Adharma (Unrighteousness) appears as though it will triumph but being steadfast in one’s righteous activities will make one truly valorous. When winning by following dharma is doubtful, if one succumbs to adharma, then it will be called cowardice.

Few people perform many good deeds in different ways by doing charity whereas few others do the same with compassion. Out of them, only few of them have to fight for their goal. But, for any activity of anybody, dharma is like the foundation pillar. Hence, one who strictly adheres to dharma irrespective of victory or defeat is a truly valorous person. Only such a person is brave whether he wins or loses. Even if one wins by following adharma, such a person is considered a coward because he does not have the bravery to win over his own selfishness. Hence, any task undertaken by sticking to dharma will be termed as a brave action. May you all obtain that bravery! Everyone must attain this state. We must practice this. How should be our bravery?

If one loses one’s life and assets merely because someone gets benefitted, then such a person is the real valorous person. This is what we have understood so far. Many people win over others with adharma. It is not nice. Winning over by following the rules of dharma is good. You observe this carefully. Stealing a person just to do charity to another is not the real charity. How is this possible? If your earning is according to dharma, then you can do charity. By earning with adharma, you cannot be called ‘Daana veera’. This is what we must understand.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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