Datta maata 27: Sadguru helps us realize our negative tendencies and correct them

There are few doctors who tell the patients about their diseases by merely observing the pulse, thereby creating trust and happiness in the minds of the patients. Just because of that, the dosage of the medication will not be reduced. There are few astrologers who tell your past incidents and future problems. But, except for few minor solutions, it is difficult for them to prevent the occurrence of the problems. The duty of the astrologer is merely to narrate the various incidents of life. As soon as he narrates the past incidents, we get faith on him. Then we can get belief on him when he talks about the future. He may give certain ideas to reduce the intensity of the harm that might be caused by the incidents likely to happen in the future.

Similarly, the duty of the demigods is to keep on giving boons. But, the duty of a doctor does not end by telling the problems to the patients. He has to give right medicines for their diseases. Likewise, Sadguru not just gives boons. He also removes your ignorance. That is his work. But for this to happen, you must know what is contained in you. Everyone has a good opinion about one’s own self. Each and every one keeps on thinking, “I am good”, “I follow truth”, “I follow Dharma”,” I have not caused harm to anybody” etc. One never ever identifies one’s own mistake. But, human can never even imagine how he behaves when he faces unfavorable situations. He behaves in a haphazard manner. He scolds like anything. He does whatever he wants. Only when such situations arise, the inner behavior gets exposed. Just like there is shadow underneath a lamp; behind every good thought, there lies a negative thought as well. By correcting such negativity, man tries to go ahead. It is very difficult to say which thought will drag on to which direction at a particular point of time.
Ashwatthama is a very good example in this regard. He always thought that he was in support of Pandavās. But in fact, he was the one who was the main cause behind the destruction of the lineage of Dharmarāja. We can find such incidents in every one’s life. Hence, just to make you know about yourself, Sadguru creates certain incidents. They are the ‘Tests of Sadguru’. Those tests are must for anybody. We may even find pearls in the depths of the oceans by several means but we cannot find how the human mind behaves, by any means.

Hence, we pray Adi Guru Datta Swamy to reveal our disease and give us the right medicine. In Datta’s story, Pingala Nāga and Karthavēryārjuna also did the same. If we read Datta’s story, we understand that by giving punishments in the name of tests, he actually teaches good lessons. This is because he wants to offer protection. He does not do it immediately. It is analogous to pouring milk in a vessel after cleaning it.

Jai Guru Datta! Sri Guru Datta!

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