Datta maata: 31- Knowledge unaccompanied by humility leads to downfall

Knowledge always must go together with modesty. Everybody tells this. If a person is strongly humble at heart, then he will be respected even if there are some faults in pursuing the education. They will have such respect. Instead, if the heart is filled with pride and ego, then such persons will not be respected even if the education is totally perfect. It is of no use. It is just like a mango tree full of mangoes that do not fall down.

We have a very good example from Mahabharatha. During the days of their education, Arjuna and Ashwatthama had healthy competition between them. Both of them were learning about weapons. There was a powerful weapon named “Brahmasironamaka astra”. Ashwatthama requested Dronacharaya, their Guru, to teach them about the usage of the weapon. It is a superior weapon to Brahma astra. Hence, Dronacharya delayed teaching about it. Finally, one day, the Guru taught them the mantra for using the weapon. But, he did not tell them the process of retrieval of the weapon. A weapon will be successful if and only if one knows how to retrieve a weapon. Ashwatthama felt very bad.

Sri Krishna was of their age. Ashwatthama got to know that he had obtained the Sudarshana chakra (wheel) and he felt very surprised to know this. He approached Krishna and expressed his happiness for him that he had obtained the Sudarshana chakra. He then told that he too had obtained the most powerful Brahmasironamaka astra and expressed his wish to exchange the weapons. Sri Krishna could easily sense the pride and jealousy in the heart of Ashwatthma. But, he acted as though he does not know anything. Krishna told that he cannot bear the power of Ashwatthama’s weapon but granted permission to Ashwatthma to take the Sudarshana chakra. Ashwatthama was very happy and he tried to touch Sudarshana chakra. As soon as he touched it, his body started to burn because of the divine power embedded in it. He left the weapon because of the fear of death. Dronacharaya observed the difference between Arjuna and Ashwatthama and hence he gave the mantra to retrieve the weapon only to Arjuna. Dronacharya did not give the mantra to Ashwatthama even though he is his own son.

During the Mahabharata war, Ashwatthama used this weapon against the rules prescribed by scriptures and hence he had to suffer the curses of Sri Krishna and sage Vyasa. Hence, if there is any root of pride or ego in the heart of a person, it will only cause ruin even if the education he pursues is highly superior. With the grace of Datta Sadguru, may you all get the quality of modesty along with education! I also pray Goddess kanyaka parameshwari.

Jai Guru Datta!

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